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Water Transfer via a Sponge

Today, we are starting our Water Activity Series. I only wished, I had introduced it to Adrian few months earlier 🙂 While water activities were mainly confined to bath times, I saw how much he enjoyed them! What can be more fun for a toddler than water play  in a controlled and safe environment? Also, he can do all of these activities independently, which is great for building concentration, and is convenient for me, as I am able to catch up on some kitchen chores while glancing at him. 

This activity is very simple – all you need is an apron, a tray with a sponge and two bowls (one filled with water). The child uses the sponge to transfer the water from bowl to bowl, emptying it completely.


DSC_1076 DSC_1076 DSC_1076

 the dish is empty

The Cycle of the Activity is completed, or so I thought … 


After finishing the activity, Adrian decides to make his own activity – he would soak the sponge in the bowl, then press it firmly down on a tray to release water, and then he would dry the tray with the sponge. It was a lot of fun indeed! 

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