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๐ŸฆBird Inspired Unit Study

We love our feathered friends, and we love celebrating Bird Holidays to learn more about them and to advance bird conservation. Here are few Bird Holidays to note and put on your calendar:

  • National Bird Day is celebrated in the United States annually on January 5.
  • International Bird Day is April 13.
  • Bird Day in the United States is observed annually on May 4th.
  • International Migratory Bird Day is celebrated on the second Saturday in May (May 12, in 2018).

To learn about ๐Ÿฆ birds hands-on, we read books, look at real-life photographs, observe and explore.

Fine Feathered Friends: All About Birds book (buy here) is Adrian's favorite as Cat in the Hat leads children on a bird-watching tour through entertaining rhymes and captivating facts. 

Birds each have a beak and a tail and two wings. They are covered in feathers and stand on two legs. And when they have babies, they hatch out of eggs. Birds have 3 eyelids on each eye and have no teeth. Don't ask us why!


The Birds of North America Flash Cards (buy here) allow children to learn to appreciate and identify the rich diversity of bird life. The set comes with 48 cards, each featuring a beautiful vibrant photograph and, on the reverse, the common name, scientific name, bird's size, wingspan, and other bird facts. 

DSC_0021Exploring the Northern Cardinal Bird hands-on.

We started our Bird Unit Study with birds that live around us, and Julia drew a Northern Cardinal in her Bird Journal. She would refer to Stokes Beginner's Guide to Birds: Eastern Region book/bottom-right (buy here), which is a pocket-size, brilliantly colorful, and a simple-to-use guide. This ideal introduction to the birds of the Eastern United States contains dozens of full-color photographs with details about most common species; range maps; tips on attracting and observing birds; information on habitat needs, life cycle, food preferences; and much more. 

Below are pictures of the Northern Cardinal at our backyard bird feeder.


Julia would also refer to the National Geographic Kids Bird Guide of North America book (buy here), which features 100 species of birds from coast to coast. Fifty of the country's most popular birds are laid out in a stunning two-page spread, which includes information such as birds' range, the sounds they make, and the food they like to eat. Each bird's profile also includes the fun fact, and a feature called "A Closer Look," which digs deeper into one aspect of the bird's life (eating habits, birdsongs, etc.). 

DSC_0029In her Bird Journal, Julia draws a picture of the bird (Blue Jay here) and writes pertinent facts.

DSC_0376 Blue Jay at our backyard feeder.

DSC_0005Adrian is fascinated with Hummingbirds in this brightly illustrated National Geographic book.

DSC_0021 YellowThe African Golden Weaver is endemic to Africa.
DSC_0021 YellowWeavers get their name because of the elaborately woven nests, which face downward. 

We had a chance to observe up close these tropical birds during our last visit to Disney's Animal Kingdom. (Read a post "๐Ÿ’šAfrican Savanna at Disney's Animal Kingdom" here).

Children also enjoyed the Birds of North America 100 Piece Memory Game (buy here). While looking at vivid photographs of birds and learning their names, they had a chance to train their memory and visual skills. Julia also read the bird facts on the included poster.

We also learned about bird's body parts hands-on, by observing American Robin bird and assembling a Montessori Zoology puzzle. 


Read details about this puzzle as well as what we have learned about birds, such as what is the one characteristic that sets the birds apart from other animals: Is it a beak? wings? hatching from eggs?  in this post "Learning About ๐Ÿฆ Birds with a Wooden Montessori Zoology Puzzle." 

IMG_1964 See here ๐Ÿฆ Bird &๐ŸŒฟSpring-Inspired ๐ŸžCounters & ๐Ÿ”ขNumbers Sensory Bin.

DSC_0039 See here ๐ŸฆBirds ๐ŸŒณForest Habitat DIY โ™ป๏ธRecycled ๐ŸšฝToilet Paper Craft with ๐Ÿ”ขMath Twist.

Stay tuned for more studies on birds. Below are more pictures at our deck's feeder. 

This female House Finch has been making nests on our porch for two consecutive years now.

Turkeys walking across our backyard.

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