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3D Napkin 💠Flower✂️Craft • 👔Father’s Day 🎉Card • 🎨Arts &  Crafts 101 🎥 Series

June 17, 2018

Happy Father's Day to all Dads near and far! And why not show our love with a hand-made card!


 So, we are sharing this super easy napkin craft DIY, which will make a perfect last minute card! (Birthday and Mother's Day card too!)

DSC_0459What you will need:

DSC_0502Offer a child to staple a napkin, making a plus sign, and then cut around in a circle shape.


This craft, besides providing your child an opportunity to express creativity, is also an amazing gross and fine motor activity! Precision, hand-eye coordination, and artistic expression all come to play during this kids art and craft activity! 

DSC_0502Happy Father's Day!

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