Shapes Inspired Kids Geometry Activities

Below, I will be sharing our shapes-inspired geometry activities.


Shapes DIY

Learning shapes hands-on adds a fun dimension to geometry. Simply draw shapes on a paper and offer your child to “trace” its outline with grain, pasta, nature finds or anything else small you have handy. With a circle and a square, I offered Adrian dot stickers and we discussed what is a pattern ~ when a segment repeats over and over. Smaller children can try to follow a simple two-color pattern: like red-blue-red-blue, while older might try to follow a lengthier pattern. Here, Adrian chose a six-color pattern for a circle that he had to follow. Thereafter, offer pom poms to place over the dot-stickers, matching the colors. Offer tongs to further stimulate those fine motor skills. Lastly, discuss each shape’s unique characteristics and  present a Three-Part Lesson: 1) “This is __” 2)  “Where is __?” 3) “What is this?”



How about shape recognition while exercising gross motor skills? So, before you are ready to carve your๐ŸŽƒpumpkin, turn it into a simple shape identification and a fun gross and fine motor activity! This easy Fall inspired DIY will require a pumpkin and pushpins. (A hammer is optional.) Grab a pumpkin and draw a shape with a Sharpie, a pen, or a chalk and ask a child to poke pushpins in it following the shape’s perimeter. You can also trace letters, numbers, or simple designs.  I used a Witch washi tape (buy 45 rolls for $14 here) to give the activity a Halloween feel. I also offer Montessori Metal Insets as a reference and shape identification. P.S. Please, always supervise and guide your child while they learn and explore as pins are sharp. 

  • Ages 1 yo +: Focus on simply tracing the masking tape with a finger, reinforcing shape recognition, and omit the pin poking completely.
  • Ages 18 m +: Draw shapes, letters, or numbers, and encourage to trace the masking tape.
  • Ages 3+: offer a child-sized hammer and follow the design with pushpins


DIY Washi Tape Shapes

This is a super fun DIY to teach your child shapes. All you need is washi tape and scissors. Trace different shapes on a piece of paper and offer your child to cover the outlines with washi tape. Count the sides and discuss each shape’s distinctive characteristics such as a triangle having three sides and three angles which need not be the same or a square which must have four identical sides and angles.



DIY Craft Sticks Shapes

Learning shapes with this invitation to create a shape from DIY magnetic craft sticks. This will take you less than five minutes to set up, or, why not offer your child to match the magnets and adhere them to craft sticks. We are using these jumbo wooden craft sticks and these flexible magnets 3/4″ round disc with adhesive backings. As a reference, we are using geometry Montessori Metal Insets (buy original here or plastic here or metal but without stands here). As an extension, offer your child to match the color of each shape to tablets from Montessori Color Tablets Box


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