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Earth Day Flower Grass Rub Kids Craft


Happy Earth Day! “The land is where our roots are. The children must be taught to feel and live in harmony with the Earth.”  ~ Dr. Montessori. 

Here is a fun craft you can do with your child. First, go outside on a nature walk and cut some fresh green grass and blue wildflowers. Please, do not cut any of the neighbors’ flowers and do try to look for wild ones. Luckily, we found some violet-blue wildflowers growing right in our backyard.

Download the Earth PDF here and offer your child to press and rub grass against the continent parts of the Earth. Do the same with flower petals over the ocean area. Discuss how unique our planet Earth is among other planets in our solar system for having water, which enabled the evolution of life.

For more Earth Day activities, see here our entire unit study Earth Day Kids Educational Activities.

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