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Unique Holiday Gift Guide for All Ages


Unique Holiday Gift Guide for All Ages with the best Holiday gift ideas that will save you time, allowing to spend more time with family doing what you love!

Unique Holiday Gift Guide for All Ages!

Can you believe it is Thanksgiving! It means it is time to have our list done! And we better be checking it once and checking it twice since we really do not want to end up with toys that are only played with once, or with gifts that we wish we had never gotten! Trust me, I’ve been there, done it! But, today is your lucky day since I have done all the thinking and prepping for you with this Unique Holiday Gift Guide for All Ages! So, all you have to do is to determine your budget, and click on a picture for details! Yes, that simple! Below, you will find the best Holiday Gift Ideas for a wide age range as well as timeless gifts for ages 1-100! And, once you are done, do something special with the time you have just saved!

So, below, I will be sharing with you some of our TOP played toys, books, and materials, as well as some gift ideas for HER since so many of you have voted to have the adult category included as well.


Unique Holiday Gift Guide for All Ages
Unique Holiday Gift Guide for All Ages


In this category, I am sharing gifts, toys, and books that will grow with your child and with you! So, basically timeless gifts that you will enjoy ages 2-100! (1) First, our most played STEM “toy” in the house currently is Connetix Tiles. These colorful beveled transparent magnets foster creativity, imagination and learning through PLAY! They are made from food-grade ABS plastic with inverted design, making Connetix Tiles stronger and more scratch-resistant. They come in either 62 or 100 piece sets. Follow on Instagram HERE.

(2) Secondly, I am super excited to offer you my NEW eBook: THE BASICS ~ Bringing Montessori Home ~ Birth to Age Six for PRE-ORDERS where you can save 20% off the release price. In my eBook, I am offering you pivoting information, presented in an organized manner, with graphs and charts, about what I have learned during six years of research, while devouring numerous books and resources, taking notes, organizing the key points and creating outlines.

Most importantly, I am sharing what has WORKED for us, as well as which aspects of Montessori philosophy are the most useful so that parents and educators can bring Montessori home and not miss any critical developmental windows of sensitivity when children learn like sponges! I hope you will follow along and welcome from the heart this beautiful and wholesome method that centers on the CHILD! And, deep in my heart, I hope to ignite the love of learning and make the educational process desirable and less daunting!  

THE BASICS | Montessori Method Book for Parents | Bringing Montessori Home | Birth to Age Six
THE BASICS ~ Bringing Montessori Home~ Birth to Age Six

(3) The Kindness Elves are magical friends who love nothing more than to sprinkle kindness and joy wherever they go! This simple, yet powerful, idea of spreading kindness amongst kids has become incredibly popular with parents and teachers alike. The Kindness Elves encourage children through daily prompts written on heart-cards to act selflessly and spread compassion, empathy, and generosity through simple yet powerful deeds. Children absolutely adore this new addition to our family, and I hope you will welcome them too as they come to you from Cloud 9 powered up by the magical sprinkle dust.

FUN and EASY Crafting with Recycled Materials

(4) A new FUN and EASY Crafting with Recycled Materials book by my friend Kim @BestIdeasForKids offers you 60 original and fun projects that reimagine paper rolls, egg cartons, jars and more into colorful decorations, amazing wearable masks, hats, and jewelry or even sturdy desk organizers, puzzles and paint palettes.

Moreover, Sensory Invitations to Play Cards are a must-have “recipe book” for sensory play! Essentially, they are an activity book consisting of 52 brilliant ideas and sensory recipes. You no longer need to rummage through notes or looking up recipes on your computer! Anna’s @ImaginationTree cards will turn your sensory play into an easy to set up, joyful invitations to play, create and explore! Finally, I am excited to share with you Maggy’s @RedTedArt new Paper Crafts for Kids Book where all you need to get crafty and creative is PAPER! The crafts have all been carefully created to help release your inner creativity. The easy to follow step by step photos are design to help you develop skills and confidence to then go out and create your own. How amazing it is!


Unique Holiday Gift Guide BABY GIFT IDEAS

BABY 0 – 12 M

Here, I will be including must-have toys that are part of my Unique Holiday Gift Guide for little ones: birth till about the age of one. First, a floor bed. Yes, Montessori babies sleep on the “floor” and their first observations of the world are not registered as seeing the world behind the bars. You can simply place a mattress on a raised frame, or I really adore this solid wood toddler bed that can grow with your child.

solid wood baby toddler bed
Solid Wood Floor Bed

Secondly, the MOST important “thing” during your child’s first year is the mattress! So, if there is one item you have to spend money on, let it be the mattress! We all know how crucial sleep is for your baby and for YOU. Your baby will be sleeping for more than 20 hours in the first days, so an organic natural mattress that is safe for your baby is an ABSOLUTE MUST. I ordered this mattress from the UK when Julia was born (ten years ago), and I paid crazy money for shipping.

Now, I am SO excited that Amazon is offering this mattress for sale with free shipping! Trust me, I had devoted hundreds of hours of research, and the Natural Mat Latex mattress is the BEST! Made from organic latex, coconut coir, lambswool – you will not find a safer mattress for your baby! Most importantly, if you have a mattress already, research carefully what is IN it as chemicals emit VOCs and can be toxic especially for the developing bodies. Also, please avoid using any plastic liners to protect your mattress from accidental “spills” ~ the organic wool pad will repel water, protect your mattress, and avoid unassessed sweats caused by unbreathable plastic.

Natural Mat Organic Baby Mattress
Natural Mat Organic Baby Mattress

Natural Mat Organic Baby Mattress

(3) An Activity Gym is an absolute must! It comes with Montessori mobiles, rattles, and toys ~ everything you need for the first few months of your baby’s life! Also, it will grow with your child and eventually, you can turn it into a reading nook or a tipi.

Baby Toddler Activity Gym
Activity Gym

(4) Next, Sophie The Giraffe was the most chewed toy by both of my children! (They each had one. Please do not share chewing toys among siblings!) With Sophie I knew my children can chew on it safely as it is made of 100% natural rubber from the Hevea tree.

(5) By about six months, when your child might be able to sit unassisted, introduce a weaning chair and a table. I absolutely love Me-Do-It chair which is best to start with. It is sturdy and the seat is shallow so the back supports the child in his/her seated position. Some children can sit upright very well at six months. However, many cannot, so a solid, sturdy chair with a back and two sides is your best option. (You can line the chair with a shelf liner so that the seat is less slippery.) At nine months, Adrian could use his weaning chair independently, and he could get in/out/up and down.

Finally, starting at about six months, you can introduce a high chair for breakfast and dinner feedings. Stokke Tripp Trapp is a chair proven safe for babies. This chair had also proven to withstand six years of use with each child. I love that it comes with a baby adjustment, which is removable. And, the best part is that this chair can be converted into an adult chair, so it is truly a timeless piece of furniture of exceptional quality that will last you a lifetime!

Stokke Tripp Trap Weaning chair Baby Toddler
Stokke Tripp Trapp


Unique Holiday Gift Guide TODDLER GIFT IDEAS


Here, you will find the best holiday gift ideas for toddlers, who are between the age of one and two years old. First, once your child passes the one-year-old mark, it will be all about walking, cruising, dragging and pushing. Dancing Alligator was both of my kids’ absolute favorite pull-along toy! Also, I highly recommend Radio Flyer Classic Walker Wagon which has a resist push feature, allowing beginner-walkers to build confidence and balance.

Radio Flyer Classic Walker Wagon
Radio Flyer Classic Walker Wagon

(2) Next on the list is a Gourmet Kid’s Wooden Play Kitchen is an absolutely most played kid-furniture toy! I love that it is made from solid wood and comes in natural colors. And since any chef needs accessories, we love Hape Gourmet Play Kitchen Starter Accessories Wooden Play Set which is also made from solid wood with safe paint finish, making it super child-safe!

(3) A Doll House is another “toy” that is well worth the investment! We love HAPE 3 Story Dolls House because it is gender-neutral and features six rooms including four room sets of a master bedroom, family bathroom, media room, and kitchen. I also like that it is fully furnished, with unique home furnishings and household appliances. Most importantly, I love that it is solid wood construction with a child-safe paint finish.

HAPE 3 Story Wooden Dolls House
HAPE Doll House

Finally, Plan Toy Stacking Ring (made in Thailand from all-natural Organic recycled rubberwood) and PlanToys Shape & Sort It Out will add a fun and exciting twist to developing fine motor control and problem-solving skills.

PlanToys Shape & Sort It Out
PlanToys Shape & Sort It Out


Unique Holiday Gift Guide for Preschoolers
Unique Holiday Gift Guide for PRESCHOOLERS


First, as a part of my Unique Holiday Gift Guide, I highly recommend Safari Ltd educational toys. These S.T.E.M. tactile figurines teach your child about the world through hands-on invitations to learn and play! We use Safari Ltd TOOBs and lifecycles with so many unit studies such as geography, zoology, botany, anatomy, and Dinosaur themed studies, not to mention while learning to count, graphing, sorting and more! Safari Ltd figurines are very realistic, detailed and affordable, allowing your child to literally hold the world in his/her hands!

Safari Ltd Animals Of The World Continent Sort
See HERE Animals of the World/Continent Sort
Sorting Safari Ltd Animals by Water / Land /Air
Sorting Safari Ltd Animals by Water / Land /Air
Safari Ltd TOOBs Animals Number Graph
Safari Ltd TOOBs Animals Number Graph

Follow THIS link to get 20% OFF your entire order at Safari Ltd

Secondly, BioBuddi blocks are the first-ever 100% bio-building blocks derived from the leftovers of sugarcane. The Green PE (Polyethylene) is used to make the BioBuddi products in the Netherlands! Yes, how amazing it is! So now your little one can play creatively with blocks that are safe for your health and for the environment!

Safari Ltd BioBuddi Swampies Truck delivering Christmas presents

Thus, you no longer need to worry about your carbon footprint since @safariltd has pioneered in making these amazing 100 % eco-friendly, bio-based blocks derived from the plant! Most importantly, while your child builds, creates, imagines and learns through play, s/he is developing problem-solving skills, cognitive reasoning, brainpower, fine and gross motor control and more!

Safari Ltd BioBuddi Swampies Truck delivering Christmas presents
Safari Ltd BioBuddi Swampies Truck delivering Christmas presents

The benefits of block play have been substantiated by experts for over two decades. In particular, the research shows that “children’s block play is related to later math competence and a particular interest in STEM careers.” Block play also challenges children “cognitively as they solve the problems that arise in the construction process.” Moreover, playing with blocks provides an opportunity for children to learn elements of science and math, such as counting, adding and subtracting. Block building also promotes creativity, imagination, self-esteem, and language learning as children talk about the structures they built.

IKEA FLISAT Table Sorting Safari Ltd Land/  Ocean Arctic Animals
IKEA FLISAT Table Sorting Safari Ltd Land/ Ocean Arctic Animals

Next, IKEA FLISAT Children’s Table is an absolute must for sensory play! It conveniently comes with bins for your sensory filler which will contain the messy play while allowing tons of opportunities for transferring, sorting, or sorting. (If you can shop at IKEA, you will find this table for less money.)

IKEA FLISAT Children's Table a must for sensory play
IKEA FLISAT Children’s Table

We also love BRIO toys which offer many hours of constructive play while building, manipulating and learning through play. We started with a Brio World Railway Set which is much more economical than purchasing everything individually. Both children have played thousands of hours with BRIO and I highly recommend it for both boys and girls!

Moreover, Grimm’s Large 12-Piece Rainbow Stacker is a beautiful natural wooden nesting puzzle toy, made by hand in Germany, which will stimulate children visually, mentally and creatively. This puzzle is made from solid linden wood, stained with rich vibrant colors from certified non-toxic, child-safe water-based stains. This nesting puzzle will be a gorgeous colorful addition to your stalking puzzle collection, making it a perfect gift as a part of a Unique Holiday Gift Guide. Lastly, a Deluxe Standing Art Easel is a must for any young artist. It comes with a dry-erase board, chalkboard, paper roller, and a magnetic whiteboard. This two-sided easel is made of high-quality wood construction, which is sanded to a smooth finish. It also conveniently comes with a paper roll and accessories and can be adjusted to any kids size height for easier access.

Deluxe Standing Art Easel
Deluxe Standing Art Easel


Best Holiday Gift Ideas for Older Children

KIDS 5 + YO 

  1. Kids Digital Camera (perfect for 5 – 10 year-olds). This digital camera is made from eco-friendly non-toxic silicone and is durable and safe, built to withstand accidental slips and falls. It comes with a rechargeable battery, and simple design allows shooting just by pressing the switch button.
  2. LEGO Architecture sets take building blocks to the next level. They are perfect for older children (6 YO+) and for those interested in architecture, travel, history, and design. These collectible toy city models are scaled to give an accurate representation of the comparative size of the featured structures, with the realistic color depiction, and intricate detailing to capture the essence of the real structure. Both of my kids have been fascinated with LEGO Architecture sets.
  3. Paint by Sticker activity books will introduce your little one to famous paintings or destinations while strengthing their math skills. They are perfect for on-the-go or in-car activity books. We drove to Disney and for 16+ hours both kids were engulfed in Paint by Sticker Masterpieces.
  4. Rainbow Loom Crafting Kit is a current trend with kids 5 YO and up! Children create, wear, gift and even trade! This is a truly amazing kit to explore creativity while strengthening the small muscles of the hand.
  5. Color Code is a fun, unique twist on puzzle games, to tinker with your logic skills. It has 100 increasingly difficult challenges for ages 5 to 100!
  6. Both of my kids have THIS bike and I absolutely love the quality and the design.
  7. Lastly, K’NEX is a new way of building. Unlike other building toys, K’NEX allows kids to create unique models that actually move.  Children in a Montessori elementary program use them as a part of the curriculum to explore S.T.E.M education.


Here, as a part of my Unique Holiday Gift Guide, I am sharing my absolute essentials for beauty, personal care, and my favorite shoe and bag brands. I include items that I have and use on a daily basis and absolutely cannot live without!

Unique Holiday Gift Guide for HER

(1) First, I do not know how I lived without a DRY Shampoo. I have very fine hair and I used to wash it every day, and they will get even finer! Dry Shampoo adds texture and VOLUME, in addition to absorbing the scalp oil, allowing you to go days without washing your hair while having FULL volume like you just left a hair salon. P.S. Make sure you do not pay more than $14.

(2) Secondly, if you are 30 + years old, wrinkle preventer strips are an absolute must. You have no idea how much we frow during sleep. However, wearing strips while we sleep won’t allow the muscles to contract, leading to a smoother wrinkle appearance. Although the immediate result is temporary, I do believe wrinkle preventer strips help with a long-term use since basically you are not aggravating your wrinkles for eight hours while you sleep. (Yes, beauty sleep should be at least eight hours.) (3) Next is the wet brush! Trust me, no more pulling hair – simply brush while wet and Wolla! There is no need for detangling products!

(4) I absolutely adore the Eminence Organic Skincare products! I cannot afford a $400 cream, but I do care what I apply on my face! This organic line has been offering skin care products since 1958, using sustainable farming and green practices to create natural, organic and Biodynamic® products. The company hand-picks fresh ingredients to create products that contain potent healing and beautifying properties. Many of these ingredients are combined with pure waters drawn from a thermal hot spring lake containing minerals and trace elements found nowhere else on earth. Pretty amazing! And the price is affordable: ranging from $20 and up.

(5) My prayers have been answered with this brand NEW product by Conair – Auto Curler! I simply do not have time to use curling irons or curlers! So, this is the only “styling” product I use since it is super easy and time efficient! (6) BIODERMA is the best tonic and makeup remover! I use it every day in the morning and at night – whether to remove makeup or just to remove dirt and oil from the face. (Try to experiment: use BIODERMA to wipe your “clean” face in the morning! Let me know how clean you find it!)

Wet Brush Hair Brush

UGG Dakota Slipper is so cute and comfy! I like the bow that adds elegance and the fact that I can slip them on and off easy! And I love Tory Burch bags! Fleming cross-body is so elegant and yet sophisticated!

Fleming Crossbody

Unique Holiday Gift Guide for All Ages
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Happy shopping!

I hope you enjoyed my Unique Holiday Gift Guide for All Ages! Please, leave a comment about the best Holiday gift idea that caught your eye or touched your heart! I love hearing from you! And, since this is a time of giving, I am giving back to YOU a chance to WIN $50 x 2 Gift Card to shop my holiday list! FOLLOW the INSTRUCTIONS to enter the GIVEAWAY HERE!

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