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Tie a Perfect Bow Holiday Hack

Tie-A-Perfect Bow Hack 4-5

Learn how to tie a perfect Christmas ribbon bow with this easy Holiday hack to add some festive glam to a gift or a box.

Follow this easy Holiday hack tutorial to learn how to tie a perfect Christmas bow using ribbon and your fingers. Choose a double or a triple bow and adorn your gifts and boxes.

*Tie a Perfect Christmas Bow Holiday Hack

Tie a Perfect Bow Holiday Hack Tutorial

Start by leaving a longer piece at the end. Drape the ribbon over the index and middle fingers and weave it in and out your fingers. Weave twice for a double bow, and weave three times around your fingers for a triple bow. Then, take the end and feed it through to the back, giving you a loop (like tying shoes). Lastly, thread the end under the knot and pull to tighten it. You can adorn your homemade gift wrapping paper or a card or add a Christmas vibe by decorating your home!

Tie-A-Perfect Bow Hack 4-5
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