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  • Ocean-DIY-Craft-Sticks-Puzzle-Preschool

    DIY Craft Stick Puzzle Preschool Activity

    I think making puzzles alongside with your little one is awesome! First, it costs you under $5 and the time you spend together crafting and creating is priceless! We have done this type of…

  • Ikea-Posting-Frame-Magnetic-Wand-Toddler-Activity-Hack

    DIY Ikea Posting Frame Magnetic Hack

    A lot of babies and toddlers like to “post“ or drop objects into a hole or a slot. If they “post” to a non-transparent box or a can, they master object permanence concept (understanding…

  • Cherry-Blossoms-Popcorn-3D-Spring-Kids-Craft

    Cherry Blossoms 3D Popcorn Process Art for Kids

    Today is the first day of Spring, so Happy March 20th, and we are celebrating the awakening of mother nature from its long winter respite with this Spring 3D textured Cherry Blossoms Popcorn craft…

  • St Patrick's Inspired Montessori Learning Space

    St. Patrick’s Day Inspired Montessori Learning Space

    Themed unit studies are an amazing opportunity to expand social studies, learn about various cultures and traditions while having fun decorating a classroom or your learning space. Children are excitedly anticipating St. Patrick’s Day,…

  • Roll the Dice and Count Gold on a Rainbow Montessori Math

    Roll & Count Gold on a Rainbow

    Did you know that leprechauns make shoes for fairies who in turn pay them with gold which leprechauns hide at the end of the rainbow? So, today, we made a St. Patricks’ Day inspired…

  • Plastic Bottle Caps Pom-Poms Rainbow DIY

    Bottle Cap Rainbow Pom Pom Fine Motor DIY

    This is a fun DIY to reuse your milk caps and create a festive St Patrick’s Day inspired Rainbow fine motor activity. You will need: pom poms (we are loving these glitter ones), recycled…

  • St-Patricks-Day-Green-Non-Toxic-Slime

    St Patrick’s Green Kids Home-Made Non-Toxic Slime

    Today, we are making green borax-free baking soda slime inspired by the approaching St. Patrick’s Day. Slime, besides being absolutely awesome to touch, is also an amazing science demonstration. We love hands-on learning, and…