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Homeschooling Montessori Way Membership is a yearly personalized curriculum calendar that follows your child’s inclinations and interests on a monthly basis.

Hello, my friend! I am so glad you are here! I know you are exhausted from swimming in the ocean of Pinterest, sinking in the depth of irrelevant information, and not being able to see the shore. I know you are tired of scrolling through and saving Instagram posts, only to find out later that you had never opened that folder nor implemented that idea with your little one. It is like seeing a beautiful recipe and never actually cooking it! But, wait, you do NOT need to do it alone! Let me do the groundwork for you with a yearly personalized curriculum calendar! Trust me, with Homeschooling Montessori Way Membership, you will be able to implement Montessori at home! And it would not require a degree in early childhood education, nor a separate room, and not even a large budget! (I will be providing you with DIY alternatives to lots of Montessori materials.) I promise to take the stress AWAY from your homeschooling life and bring you the JOY of FOLLOWING your CHILD’s journey to the wonderful world of education. So, say NO to endlessly searching! Say NO to social media that depicts picture-perfect play ideas which you cannot implement! And say YES to the stress-free joy of learning! Say YES to freeing time to do what you LOVE!


  1. My eBook THE BASICs ~ Bringing Montessori Home Birth to Age 6, which includes 2-6 YO CURRICULUM for the 5 main areas of Montessori Education. Please read HERE the detailed instructions on how to download the book.
  2. Access to the MAIN Homeschooling Montessori Way PORTAL, which in turn has links to various pages, printables, and other MEMBER-ONLY content SUCH AS
    1. 100 + rotating PRINTABLES accessible from the MAIN PORTAL to supplement your homeschooling journey. MONTHLY PLAN MEMBERS GET ADDITIONAL EXCLUSIVE PRINTABLES
  3. *PERSONALIZED private PAGE with a monthly customized Curriculum with themed unit studies, access to private-member only pages, printables, and more. This plan is customized on a monthly basis according to the child’s age, interests, skills, and progress AND INCLUDES
      • 2-3 activities for EACH of the 4 Main Montessori areas: such as Language, Math, PLA, Sensorial, PLUS, depending on your child’s age, activities for Cultural and Science such as:
        • Geometry lessons
        • Geography lessons
        • Botany Unit studies
        • Zoology Unit studies
        • Themed activities for the month
        • Nature-outdoor prompts
        • STEM activities
        • Art/Crafts
  4. ACCESS TO MY other MEMBERSHIPS such as a Frog Study, Earth Day Study, and Bugs Unit Study (these memberships can be purchased individually as well)
  5. 15% OFF ANY of my LEARNING KITS (look for ‘member discount’ circle)
  6. one-on-one email support

PLEASE NOTE! This package is PER-CHILD since it is CUSTOMIZED! Should you wish to add a 2nd child to the main plan, please email me at anya@montessorifromtheheart.com



Homeschooling Montessori Way Membership

Homeschooling Montessori Way Membership


p.s. When I create your PERSONALIZED month-by-month curriculum plan, I will be including activities from the 5 main Montessori areas (below), as well as some fun crafts and/or STEM and themed activities! 

5 Main Montessori Area of Study:

  1. Practical Life Activities, (starting at 15 M) which include
    • (a) care of self such as food prep, dressing, washing
    • (b) care of the environment, such as cleaning, gardening, care of pets, environmentalism
    • (c) grace and courtesy, such as greetings, manners, social interactions
    • (d) control of movement, such as refining movements, walking the line, moving quietly
  2. Sensorial Activities focus on and allow the child to refine each of the senses. They include specifically designed materials that isolate just one quality. As such, sensorial activities refine fine motor skills, visual and auditory senses, and develop coordination and the ability to order and classify. In particular, sensorial activities focus on either sight (visual), touch (tactile), smell (olfactory), taste (gustatory), sound (auditory), and stereognostic (kinaesthetic) senses.
  3. Language curriculum is based on phonetic awareness. Children also work through specific hands-on tactile language materials such as the sandpaper letters and the moveable alphabet. Steps towards literacy plan promotes early literacy while following a non-traditional approach to language development. 
  4. Math: Many sensorial materials, such as a Pink Tower, Red Rods and sensory Tactile Boards are in fact a precursor to numeracy work. A child then transitions to number rods, sandpaper numbers, number boards, spindle box, number tiles, beads, and games. Each exercise builds upon another and the child gradually moves from concrete to abstract areas such as place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and fractions.
  5. Cultural and Science encompass subjects like:
    1. Geography (solar system, continents, landforms, earth layers)
    2. Zoology (classification, physiology of animals)
    3. Botany (ecology, classification, physiology of plants)
    4. History (clock, timelines, using a calendar)


As soon as you purchase the Homeschooling Montessori Way Membership, you will see download links to the following (you can also find those links from your Account Page /DOWNLOADS):

  1. A link to the MAIN Homeschooling Montessori Way PORTAL. Make sure to save the HTML in your browser. (Once you submit the questionnaires back to me, you will be receiving a SEPARATE private link to your PERSONAL PAGE with your monthly curriculum plan ~ allow 2 weeks for processing and customization.)
  2. The BASICs Montessori Parenting Book ~ Bringing Montessori Home Birth to Age 6 years.
  3. **A questionary “My Child as a Learner” ~ please fill it out and email it to me anya@montessorifromtheheart.com  so that I can start tailoring a curriculum that is right for YOUR child.
  4. *An Academic Questionary for children age 3 – 6 YO -please fill it out and email it to me IF your child falls withing that age-range.
  5. Kindergarten Readiness Guide for your reference.
  6. Prekindergarten to Kindergarten NYS Common Core English Language Arts & Literacy Standards Alignment PDF for your reference.


A few things worth mentioning …

Montessori Celebrities

  1. Larry Page and Sergey Brin (Google founders)
  2. Jeff Bezos (Amazon founder)
  3. Julia Child (celebrity chef & author)
  4. George Clooney (Academy award-winning actor, director, producer, humanitarian, United nations messenger of peace)
  5. Erik Erikson (Psychologist & author). The Danish-German-American psychologist and psychoanalyst known for his theory on human social development, Erikson may be most famous for coining the phrase “identity crisis”. He found Montessori ideas so compelling that he studied them as an adult, acquiring a Montessori teaching certificate but never teaching in a classroom.

See you soon on the other side of the Montessori From The Heart Insider Squad!

♡ Enriching the Mind one Heart at a time ♡
Enriching the Mind one Heart at a time

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7 reviews for Homeschooling Montessori Way Monthly Plan

  1. micah110686 (verified owner)

    Signing up in your homeschooling makes my life A LOOOOOOOOT easier. I don’t have to think of what additional info to teach my daughter . Even though we’re just starting, I can say that EVERY PENNY I SPENT IN THIS MEMBERSHIP IS ALL WORTH IT. 🙂 Hats off for all the effort you put into homeschooling. 💝

    • Anya (verified owner)

      Ohh, thank you, dear Micah! I am so glad to hear! SO excited to help you on this journey!

    • Anya (verified owner)

      Ohh dear! I am soo glad to hear! So looking forward to working together on your beautiful journey of learning, Xo Anya

  2. Richelle Miles (verified owner)

    Anyas homeschooling Montessori way is impressive! The vast knowledge and content on the portal makes finding and implementing lessons a breeze and on top of that Anya provides a monthly plan tailored to your child! I can feel the passion she has for teaching Montessori on every page. Thank you Anya for sharing your journey

    • Anya (verified owner)

      Ohh dear Richelle, Thank you so much for your kind review! I am so happy and humbled to be able to share my love for learning! So excited to guide you along the way! Xo, Anya

  3. Kimberly (verified owner)

    Anya’s Montessori Monthly Curriculum saved my sanity! Her passion and effort has shown in her work in providing specific lesson tailored to my daughter’s interest and strengths. Besides, she has heaps of information and valuable contents in her blog. Highly recommended! ❤️

    • Anya (verified owner)

      Oh, Kimberly, I am so glad to hear, and thank you so much for taking your time and sharing your experience! I am so glad I can help you with your beautiful homeschooling journey! Xo, Anya

  4. Israa Al Dammad (verified owner)

    I can say that the monthly membership is really worth the investment, very well organized, full of information, but at the same time is focused! Anya has a fantastic wealth of knowledge, and she’s very generous, always available to support, and to answer my questions and guide me through it. Thank you so much <3

    • Anya (verified owner)

      Ohh dear Israa, thank you SO much! Your kind acknowledgment means so much to me! I love sharing what I have learned from print and from the hands-on application, and I am so glad to be guiding you on this enchanting journey of learning and homeschooling.

  5. sara (verified owner)

    Since I have started Anya’s monthly curriculum, I’m so much more motivated to do homeschooling! I don’t have to search hours for activties to do with my little one. Also the communication with Anya is excellent, she always listen to your needs . Did not regret the membership! Thank you Anya! <3

    • Anya (verified owner)

      Oh Sara, I am so happy to hear I can make your homeschooling journey more enchanting rather than dreadful! It is such a pleasure sharing my passion for learning with families like yours, helping along this beautiful homeschooling journey! Xo, Anya

  6. Cindy Smith (verified owner)

    My daughter and I just finish our second week of homeschooling with Anya’s tailored plan. I am very appreciative of the amount of time and energy Anya put into ensuring we were provided with the right tools and equipment. Anya has been so helpful and has guided me through the whole process. This has been a wonderful journey that I have been able to share with my daughter. A journey that will benefit my daughter as well as myself. Thank you so much for everything!

    • Anya (verified owner)

      Thank you very much Cindy for your kind word. I am so glad to be helping your family on this homeschooling journey. I look forward to making this journey less stressful and more enchanting. Xo, Anya

  7. Cindy Smith (verified owner)

    I signed up for this curriculum up to help me guide Ari in her learning journey. What I found out was that it was myself that needed help the most. I have seen how much Ari has enjoyed her, “Activities” as we call them. She has learned so much. It amazes me what little minds are capable of if we only give them a chance and don’t limit them. Finding Anya has been such a blessing and has helped me in so many ways that I am not able to express. She have not only helped me with my homeschooling journey but also have inspired me as a person and has helped me learn more structure and organization to my daily life. Seeing Anya share her precious family has made me decided to get out of my shell and hopefully inspire other people that are in the same boat I was before meeting her. Ari has truly enjoy learning with her activities and guidance and that is something I will be forever thankful.

    • Anya (verified owner)

      Oh dear, Cindy, Thank you so much for your heartwarming review! I am so excited to be guiding you along the way to help Ari grow to her fullest potentials! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your wonderful family! Xo, Anya

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