Homeschooling the Montessori Way Curriculum

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Hellow and I am so glad to see you! I know you are here because you cannot do it all alone! I know you want an EASE to FOLLOW Curriculum with CREATIVE, HANDS-ON ACTIVITIES YOUR CHILD WILL LOVE! I know you are exhausted of swimming in the ocean of Pinterest, sinking in the depth of irrelevant information and not being able to see the shore. Let me do the planning for you! And trust me, You Can Do Montessori At Home and it does not require a degree in early childhood education, nor a separate room, and not even a budget (I will be providing you with DIY alternatives to lots of Montessori materials.) I promise to take the stress AWAY from your homeschooling life and bring you the JOY of FOLLOWING your CHILD’s journey to the wonderful world of education.

So, say no to Pinterest.  Say no to researching endlessly on the computer. Say yes to your family! Say, yes to the stress-free joy of learning!


  • CURRICULUM in 5 main areas of Montessori Education, not sporadic activities and crafts – meaning orderly, structured, gradually
  • 5 Books written by Maria Montessori herself as a downloadable PDF with over 200 pages each, that is more than a thousand pages of best Montessori reading:
        1. Dr. Maria Montessori’s Own Handbook
        2. Pedagogical Anthropology
        3. Spontaneous Activity in Education
        4. TheAbsorbent Mind
        5. The Montessori Method
  • a Yearly Monthly Calendar with themed unit studies
  • Member Support Group
  • And more


5 Main Area:

  1. Practical Life Activities, which include (a) care of self such as food prep, dressing, washing; (b) Care of Environment (cleaning, gardening, care of pets, environmentalism), (c) Grace and Courtesy (greetings, manners, social interactions) (d) Control of Movement (refining movements, walking the line, moving quietly).
  2. Sensorial
  3. Language
  4. Math
  5. Cultural and Science
    1. Geography (continents, landforms, earth layers, solar system), 
    2. Zoology (classification, physiology of animals),
    3. Botany  (ecology, classification, physiology of plants),
    4. History (timelines, using a calendar)

If you would like to learn more on WHY should you, read here Montessori At Home Made EASY •Members Only.


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