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  • Montessori-Tens-Board-DIY

    DIY Montessori Tens Board • Kids Math

    Traditional Montessori materials, especially math materials, facilitate children tremendously in the assimilation of abstract concepts like numerals, teens, and ten’s. Dr. Maria Montessori envisioned children holding and “feeling” the quantity of, for example, the ten Numerical…

  • Rescue-Frozen-Spring-Flowers-Kmart-Sensory-Play-Tray-STEM

    Rescue Frozen Spring Flowers Kmart Sensory Play Tray

    Are you enjoying signs of nature awakening and flowers blooming? After a long winter, spring finally tiptoes in, stirring up heavenly smells, awakening sleepy trees and showering us with blossoming delights! Spring is one…

  • TPR-Bug-Hotel-DIY-Kids-Activity

    Nature Inspired TPR Bug Hotel

    While most adults do not have a deep affection for bugs, children, on the other hand, spend hours in a backyard flipping over rocks and inspecting blades of grass in search of the coolest…

  • DIY-Classifications-Big-to-Small-Montessori-Pink-Tower

    Montessori Cosmic Education Pink Tower DIY

    A child is born into this world to a community, and Montessori Cultural and Science lessons teach little citizens that we are all part of a larger global community which is interconnected to all…

  • DIY-Stickers-Mega-Blocks-Animal-Puzzle

    DIY Stickers Mega Blocks Animal Puzzle

    Today, we are making a DIY puzzle similar to this LEGO DUPLO puzzle, but at a fraction of the cost. What you will need: mega blocks (or you can use LEGO DUPLO pieces or…

  • Fish-SIGHT-Words-Kids-Activity

    Magnetic Sight Words Fishing

    Steps towards literacy must be climbed one-by-one, just like when a child is learning how to walk. What we, as parents and educators, can do is to provide a loving and supporting environment full…

  • Frog-Puzzle-LifeCylce-Pin-Poke

    Frog Zoology Puzzle Pin Poke DIY Kids Activity

    We are continuing our frog study with a Montessori Zoology puzzle. But first, lets learn some fun facts about frogs: Frogs have very good eyesight. They bulge out the sides of their heads in…