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💐Mother’s Day Kids Activities

Below, we will be celebrating 💞Moms with 🌷✂️crafts and 🙌🏻hands-on 🎨fun activities as 💐Mother’s Day is approaching in the 🇺🇸USA. And, If you are from the 🌏other part of the word, use this opportunity to show ❤️love to all Moms! 

Mother’s Day is in 🌸Spring, so grab a hand and go on a nature walk and discover all the beauty around! 

DSC_0006There is nothing more special than hand and feet-prints, which are also an awesome keepsake! Children grow so fast, so capture those magical moments forever! We are using these jumbo circular washable pads to make the prints. For the rest of the craft, we used a recycled paper towel roll and covered it with a green construction paper to make a stem. We also glued black lentils in the middle to resemble a pistil of the flower. We are planning to add the labels and study the parts of the plant for our botany study unit! (Inspired by Sasha ~ see here🌻sunflower here).


Happy 🌷Mother’s Day! I hope you are bathed in love this day and all the days to come!

DSC_0020All our Hyacinths have bloomed just in time for Mother’s Day!

DSC_0020Present them individually or as a bouquet! Gifts made by little hands are the best!


Yes, we are using posted notes! Just cut them in strips and glue to your ellipse shape backing! 
DSC_0020Other than using posted notes rather than paper strips, the process is identical to the craft below.
 See here ♻️Recycled Hyacinths ✂️DIY 🌸Spring Flower Craft. 

DSC_0012We also made a little pot to plant our Hyacinths.

DSC_0074Since fresh flowers eventually wilt, why not make a💐bouquet that will last forever! See here 🖌Markers ☕Coffee Filters 🌈Rainbow Walking 💦Water ⌛️Timelapse Kids ⚗️Science Capillary Action.

DSC_0165 See here 🐝Goldenrod 🌼Flower DIY Craft Process Art • Oatmeal & Salt 🖌Painting


“V” is for 🎖Victory💐Day! And, Adrian is learning letter “V” hands-on by making it from dried flowers! You can also use this craft to make a 💞Mother’s Day 💌card and spell out “M” for Mommy or make a 💖heart shape from flowers. See here a video of Adrian making 🙌🏻 DIY Letter V from Dried 🌸Flowers 🎥 (Montessori Language). This activity was inspired by Living Montessori Now ~ so, head over and get your free template printable. 

DSC_0188 See here 💐Mothers Day 🎁Flowers ✂️DIY 🌼Daffodil Bouquet Tissue Paper Craft. above Daffodils flower craft is done using a similar method as in this video ~ see details and materials we used here  ~ where Adrian (at 3 yo) was making 🎨Van Gogh Inspired 12 🌻Sunflowers Tissue Paper ♻️ Cardboard Roll Paper Mache ✂️Craft.

DSC_0159This 💐bouquet of hand-made flowers can be a perfect 💞Mother’s Day 🎁 Gift too! This craft is very simple: all you need is tissue paper and pipe cleaners. We also knotted a bead in the middle of the flower to resemble a”male” or pollen-bearing part called the stamen. This flower craft is very similar to the one 🌻 above, which Adrian made when he was 3 yo ~ ✂️🔸📌poke 🔸slide 🔸🌼crunch.  


IMG_9914See here Pixel Art Fusible Craft Beads for Children.

DSC_0158 TulipsThere must be [a] provision for the child to have contact with nature; to understand and appreciate the order, the harmony and the beauty in nature.” ~ Dr. Maria Montessori. 

5E87BDEE-A850-45F8-94A6-B89115C78893See here a 🎥 video “🌼Nature 🌲🍂 Objects & Pom-Poms Process 🎨 Art.” 

DSC_0001   “I love Mom!” Adrian wrote, and these are the sweetest words a Mother can wish for!

See here 💐Mother’s Day 📽Montessori Touch & Trace Sensory ✍🏻️Writing Tray.


Stay tuned for more Mother’s Day activities and crafts!


For more Spring Inspired activities, see here 🌸Spring Inspired Themed Unit Study.

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