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🔥Fire Safety Unit Study

Adrian has been fascinated with firetrucks, firefighters and everything red, so I thought that fire safety study is due. We first discussed the ways that fire can bless our lives such as providing us with light and heat, allowing us to cook food, heat, and light our homes and so forth. During the prehistory period, the fire would also frighten away wild animals and keep people warm and safe in their caves. We then discussed how prehistoric people lived, and how their lives became easier once they found out how to make fire. 

We read Prehistoric People book, and learned Who were our earliest human ancestors? Where did they come from? What tools did they invent? How did they evolve over time? What traces did they leave behind? and many more. We also learned that early humans made fire by hitting together two different stones or by rubbing together two sticks. 

DSC_0031We then discussed how dangerous fire can be and what can cause a fire such as matches or even a magnifying glass. We also talked about how dangerous wax candles could be if left unattended and the alternative of battery-operated candles. Adrian loved role-playing with his Paw Patrol  Fire Marshall and Firetruck LEGO set. We also used a siren from this set to have a fire drill and we drew a fire escape plan after making a basic map of our home.

Gross Motor Game 🚒Firefighter Extinguish🔥Fire Math Game (also here)


We also played a fun game: “Let’s extinguish the fire and save the Paw Patrol Marshall puppy! 

First, children would take turns counting how many cups are stacked up. Then, each would attempt to knock down as many cups as possible and Julia would write a subtraction equation. Finally, they would count how many cups are left standing and that “difference” would be written on a paper pad.   


“Ready, set, go!”

What can be better than 🎳 bowling? Rescuing Paw Patrol 🐶puppy from the 🔥 fire as 🚒a Fire Chief Marshall of course!  The 🚒Fire Chief costume Adrian is wearing includes a jacket, helmet, badge, fire extinguisher, bullhorn, and a reusable name tag. And the bullhorn makes a realistic siren sound effect, which is awesome to practice fire drills!


The 🏆winner is who has the least score! During this super fun DIY game, children got to exercise their muscles, develop gross motor skills and learn addition and subtraction along with number fact family, and most importantly, they had a blast! 

Stay tuned for more fire unit studies … 

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