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Homeschool Montessori Made-Easy Membership is private access to a curriculum, unit studies, and printables, where children are learning by DOING through ACTIVE hands-on invitations to learn and play.

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Hello and Welcome!

I KNOW you are HERE because you are tired of scrolling endlessly on social media while saving posts we seem never to be able to implement! I AM on social media and I KNOW how long it takes! Please, do NOT rub your children of the little time you have with them by looking for ideas you might never bring to life!

Let me HELP YOU!

YOU can start Montessori NOW at home on a BUDGET without a degree in early childhood education or a separate room allocated to homeschooling!

Trust me, education can be a JOYFUL journey rather than a dreadful task! It all depends on how you approach and present it! Dr. Maria Montessori wisely noted a hundred years ago that “PLAY is the work of the child,” so let them PLAY and LEARN and GROW with joy and opportunities while little brains are capable of absorbing more information in one hour than we, adults, can absorb in a year!

So, JOIN the CIRCLE and get access to many resources to IGNITE the LOVE of LEARNING by DOING!

*Please NOTE, this subscription is for PERSONAL SINGLE FAMILY USE ONLY and can NOT be shared with friends or as a classroom resource*



Made-Easy Members Review Andrea

What Made-Easy Members Have To Say ~ Andrea


Toni Gariglietti Montessori Made Easy Review

What Made-Easy Members Have To Say ~ Toni


Children NATURALLY WANT TO LEARN, just like all living things naturally adapt and evolve! Our job as parents and educators is to IGNITE (or better say to AWAKE) the PASSION for LEARNING! And let me tell you, theories and workbooks do NOT kindle the fire! CURIOSITY and NOVELTY DO that! And children are innately curious creatures! So, we need to learn to kindle the thirst for knowledge and spark the passion for wonder by capturing child’s Imagination, Inclinations, and Interests! THE 3 I I Is. 

Education CAN be an ENCHANTING journey rather than a dreadful task! ! Let’s take the stress AWAY from your homeschooling life and bring you the JOY of FOLLOWING your CHILD along the wonderful path of education.

🚫 Say NO to swimming in the ocean of Pinterest and not being able to see the shore!

🚫 Say NO to social media picture-perfect play ideas which you can rarely implement!

Say YES to the ENCHANTING homeschooling journey!

Say YES to freeing time to DO what you LOVE!


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What Made-Easy Members Have To Say ~ Grainne

Homeschool Montessori Made-Easy Membership was carefully created for a wide age range, from birth to age 6, with the focus on PRESCHOOLERS to support early learning. My goal is to stimulate the senses and engage children in ACTIVE learning to support early development. Hands-on activities encourage EXPERIENTIAL learning, as opposed to the more traditional, comparably passive model of lecture and drill exercises.




Lindsay Montessori Made Easy Membership Review

Lindsay Montessori Made Easy Membership Review


YOU’LL GET with Homeschool Montessori Made-Easy Membership

✔️My eBook THE BASICs ~ Bringing Montessori Home Birth to Age 6. (Read HERE the detailed instructions on how to download the book.)

✔️Access to the MAIN Made-Easy PORTAL, which has links to PRIVATE MEMBER-ONLY content such as

  1. Montessori BABY 0-1 YR
  2. Montessori TODDLER 1-2 YR
  4. Montessori PLA
  5. Montessori Sensorial Activities (BONUS AGE-Specific SENSORY PLAY IDEAS and recipes)
  6. Montessori Language ~ on a NEW SITE
  7. Montessori Math  ~ on a NEW SITE
  8. Geometry 
  9. CULTURAL & SCIENCE, including Geography Lessons, Botany Lessons, and Zoology Lessons
  10. Montessori STEM & Science Activities 
  11. BONUS: Over 25 Arts and Crafts for Kids, including video tutorials ‘HOW TO
  12. *SEASONAL & HOLIDAY Themed Studies ~ on a NEW SITE
  13. BONUS: Gross Motor Games

✔️OVER 500 rotating printables/ebooks to supplement your homeschooling journey

✔️MEMBER EXCLUSIVE LEARNING KITS to promote experiential learning ~ available for purchase by MEMBERS ONLY!


THERE ARE NO REFUNDS of SIGN UP FEES, nor monthly payments for which the plan was curated. However, you can cancel your subscription at any time, so as to not incur any future monthly fees.





THIS Homeschool Montessori Made-Easy Membership IS FOR YOU IF 

Whether you are a homeschooling mom, dad, grandparent, caregiver, or are a busy working parent, this Homeschool Montessori Made-Easy Membership is for YOU IF you don’t want to miss any of the developmentally crucial windows of opportunity when your child is literally like a sponge ~ soaking up information EFFORTLESSLY, ENTHUSIASTICALLY, and with GREAT DEDICATION to a single-minded task. These stages of intense mental activity, called sensitive periods, are very specific and well-defined periods of strong interest in certain areas.  

Dr. Maria Montessori discovered through her scientific observations that a human brain is particularly predisposed for learning during these sensitive periods since the child is biologically ready and responsive to acquiring a specific skill or ability, such as the use of language or math. So, during various times of a child’s Absorbent Mind plane (BIRTH to AGE 6), little brains are more inclined towards specific activities or lessons.

However, these periods are fleeting, and once the ‘magical window’ of aptitude CLOSES, the same skill or knowledge must be learned the hard way ~ through mundane repetition and memorization.


90% of CHILD's BRAIN DEVELOPS by age 5


“Children are human beings to whom respect is due, superior to us by reason of their innocence and of the greater possibilities of their future.”

– Dr. Montessori.

Below, I will offer you some insights into the main Montessori curriculum areas: 

5 Main Montessori Areas of Study:

(1) Practical Life Activities (starting at 15 M) which include:

            (a) care of self such as food preparation, dressing, washing

            (b) care of the environment, such as cleaning, gardening, care of pets, environmentalism

           (c) grace and courtesy, such as greetings, manners, social interactions

           (d) control of movement, such as refining movements, walking the line, moving quietly

(2) Sensorial Activities focus on and allow the child to refine each of the senses. They include specifically designed materials that isolate just one quality. As such, sensorial activities refine fine motor skills, visual and auditory senses and develop coordination and the ability to order and classify. In particular, sensorial activities focus on either sight (visual), touch (tactile), smell (olfactory), taste (gustatory), sound (auditory), and stereognostic (kinaesthetic) senses.

(3) Language curriculum is based on phonemic awareness. Children also work through specific hands-on tactile language materials such as sandpaper letters and the moveable alphabet. Steps towards a literacy plan promotes early literacy while following a non-traditional approach to language development. 

(4) Math: Many sensorial materials, such as a Pink Tower, Red Rods and sensory Tactile Boards are in fact a precursor to numeracy work. A child then transitions to number rods, sandpaper numbers, number boards, spindle box, number tiles, beads, and games. Each exercise builds upon another and the child gradually moves from concrete to abstract areas such as place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and fractions.

(5) Cultural and Science encompass subjects like:

    1. Geography (solar system, continents, landforms, earth layers)
    2. Zoology (classification, physiology of animals)
    3. Botany (ecology, classification, physiology of plants)
    4. History (clock, timelines, using a calendar)


Made-Easy Members Review Fiona


As soon as you purchase the Homeschool Montessori Made-Easy Membership, you will see download links to the following (you can also find those links from your Account Page /DOWNLOADS):

  1. *THIS IS YOUR MAIN LINK: A download LINK to the MAIN Homeschooling Montessori Way PORTAL that has all the links you need! Make sure to save the HTML in your browser
  2. The BASICs Montessori Parenting Book ~ Bringing Montessori Home Birth to Age 6 years.

Other pages/unit studies, you can access by clicking on the MEMBERSHIP – VIEW tab (on the left).

Things worth mentioning … Montessori Celebrities

  1. Larry Page and Sergey Brin (Google founders)
  2. Jeff Bezos (Amazon founder)
  3. Julia Child (celebrity chef & author)
  4. George Clooney (Academy award-winning actor, director, producer, humanitarian, United nations messenger of peace)
  5. Erik Erikson (Psychologist & author). The Danish-German-American psychologist and psychoanalyst, known for his theory on human social development, Erikson may be most famous for coining the phrase “identity crisis”. He found Montessori ideas so compelling that he studied them as an adult, acquiring a Montessori teaching certificate but never teaching in a classroom.


I hope you will join the Homeschool Montessori Made-Easy Membership! Also, the PRICE is subject to CHANGE as I am adding more and more content! So, sign up NOW NOT to pay a higher price!  

I cannot wait to welcome you to Montessori From The Heart Circle!

Say YES to embracing on an ENCHANTING JOURNEY and say YES  to freeing time to do what you LOVE!

♡ Enriching the Mind one Heart at a time ♡

Enriching the Mind one Heart at a time

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Montessori From The Heart

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Lindsay Nonhof-Fisher
Very Thoughtful Program

I cannot recommend this membership enough. We practiced some basic Montessori style parenting but I wanted to get more involved with language, math, sensory and science. I was intimidated by Montessori learning but decided to try out this program. I have a unique toddler who has Speech Apraxia and is Neurodiverse. This took away all the mystery, anxiety and unknowns I had. I love it!!

Thank you, Lindsay, for your kind and heartwarming review! I am so humbled and thankful for having an opportunity to make your Montessori journey less intimidating and hopefully more enchanting! Please, let me know if you would like me to focus on a particular area or create a particular printable. Xo Anya

Toni Gariglietti
Anya is the best!

I feel so blessed that Anya and Montessori from the heart has came into my life. Anya’s work is truly one of a kind and she goes above and beyond with everything she does to create such amazing courses, all while communicating with everyone so kindly. I can’t thank her enough for everything she does by helping me make special memories with my daughter and enhancing her education in a fun and thoughtful way. I couldn’t do it without Anya and I’ll never be able to thank her enough!
With Love,

Ahh Toni, thank you So much and Thank you from the heart! This means so much to me! Creating a digital community and products that can help little ones live to their fullest potential is my dream come true! And when I hear reviews like this, I am filled with joy and gratitude for being able to serve this community and the little people! Thank you again for taking your time!

Alex Dockstader

Homeschool Montessori Made-Easy Membership

Jill James
My Favorite Homeschool Resource

I am so glad I stumbled on Montessori Made Easy because I am starting to homeschool my two young children, ages 3 and 2 and I didn't know much about Montessori. After reading Anya's eBook THE BASICS I got a grasp of why my very good friend who worked in a Montessori school saw in it- Anya's book was simple for me to read and gave me other book recommendations on the topic, of which I read also. Anya has so many printables available, and what I like about them best is their aesthetic quality. I just LOVE how beautiful the images in them are. I really believe that they are the best I have found when I have looked around for similar services to and printables, Anya's Montessori Made Easy is just one-of-a-kind, and there's just no other like it. I don't have to search around the internet for activities because she puts them out faster than I can complete them with my children, and keeps up with the upcoming holidays with related printables available. Whenever I have emailed or DM'ed Anya she responds so promptly and thoroughly answers my questions. I appreciate her so much and I can highly recommend her service Montessori Made Easy service to all interested in Montessori! Thank you so much Anya for providing this for us and helping create the most important impact we can to give our children the best education! Can't thank you enough!!

Thank you Jill for your heart-warming review! I so very much appreciate it! I am so excited, honored, and humbled to be helping like-minded parents to embark on this enchanting homeschooling journey! Xo, Anya

Rachel Woodhouse

Homeschool Montessori Made-Easy Membership

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