Adrian 2 years SENSORIAL 🖐️👀👂👅👃

Cars to Color Tablets Matching at 27 months (Montessori Color Box 3)

Adrian loves cars, he also loves movement, and he loves matching: so, I thought it was a perfect activity:) We are using Stack & Count Parking Garage and a Montessori Color Tablets Box 3.

DSC_0970.JPGAdrian is given a car and asked to find the closest color match from Color Box 3, located in the other room.

DSC_0970.JPGBesides matching the color of the car, he would also try to find the next closest shade of the tablet.

None of the shades are exact, and he tries to find the closest match.
DSC_0970.JPGThe closest match, in his opinion 🙂

DSC_0991-003He would then run back to the kitchen. 


Read here on Color Box 1 and 2.

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