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Apple Pie (шарлотка-из-яблок)

My Mom gave us a simple and nutritious recipe on how to make an apple pie (or-шарлотка-из-яблок).  First, we needed to slice some apples, so we used our Apple Slicing Activity.  


DSC_0083-001This apple slicer is a good quality slicer, but it was hard for Julia to slice the apple all the way down. She would have to do a lot of wiggling and apply a fair amount of pressure to push it all the way down. The apples were pretty crisp and hard (: 

DSC_0086-001"Let me try!" Adrian says. And with a help of a Little Partners Learning Tower he can definitely give it a try

DSC_0087-001Well, all is ready… let's start cooking!

DSC_0092-001 DSC_0093-001 DSC_0095-001

We decided to substitute 1 egg with sour cream, so we ended up using just 1 egg

DSC_0096-001Brown sugar 


DSC_0103-001Sea salt (Ahh … that was more than a dash 🙂

DSC_0106-001Soy Milk (or Almond Milk)

DSC_0112-001Organic Sprouted Grain flower


DSC_0115We coated apples with cinnamon, honey and maple syrup, and layered them alternating with batter.

DSC_0122-001 Julia decorated the top layer by making a flower (sprinkling poppy seeds on top)

DSC_0130After 30 minutes at 350 F  in the oven

(Did I mention the aroma kept the kids on their toes 🙂


 Well, the pie tasted as good as it smelled! It was well worth waiting for 🙂 Add a scoop of ice-cream and


Приятного апетита!

p.s. you can download Apple Pie recipe – Шарлоткa из яблок

Read more on Life Cycle of an Apple and Apple Serving Activity here

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