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Julia 6 years Montessori School

Kindergarten Graduation at a Montessori School

Today, Julia had a kindergarten graduation ceremony which started with a professionally staged Cinderella play. Interestingly, each child eventually chose a role they naturally gravitated towards, even though initially they thought they would want to portray someone else. For example, in the beginning, Julia hoped to play the Cinderella role, but in her "heart" she was a true Stepmother, whom she depicted very authentically.


It was impressive that five and six year old children could remember, and flawlessly reiterate, dialogs which cumulatively ran for longer than 30 minutes.

The skillfully intertwined script allowed each child to shine through their respective roles, while accommodating for different personalities and aptitudes, so that even the most timid child was "awaken" by the theatrical ambiance and performed splendidly: the timid child was gone – the actor was born ๐Ÿ™‚ From flawless dialogs and beautifully crafted hand-made costumes, to live musical performance by children on Orff instruments and choreographed dances and singing  ….

         … to custom hand-painted stage decorations …         

Carriage Carriage 2


The play was splendid indeed! 

Parents teared, children cheered :) 



At the end of the ceremony, each child received a scrapbook album, made with love by their teachers, presenting child's work throughout the year in the most detailed and meticulous manner.  Thank you Dear Teachers! To us, it is the most precious gift of all – the gift of carefully collected, thoughtfully crafted and lovingly assembled child's "work", pictures, achievements, milestones, friendship snapshots, and other special memories shared with this wonderful "Montessori School Family".

 After the play, children were invited to proceed to a graduation reception in their honor. 

DSC_0186-001child-size tables and chairs with matching crystal children's tableware, and child-size flatware …

DSC_0182-003collectible heirloom table decorations

DSC_0195fresh flower arrangements


children were tenderly catered for:

from orange juice and fresh fruit salad, to grapes with cheese and little sandwiches … to mini cupcakes

DSC_0195each table had its own theme 

What an unforgettable reception indeed!


After the reception, kindergarteners gathered for a graduation picnic at a nearby park. 

DSC_0235Children enjoyed pizza, refreshments, and of course, each other's company

Children even had a visit from an ice-cream truck … the day could not have been any better ๐Ÿ™‚

Congratulations, Kindergarten class of 2016!

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