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Letter recognition: Following the Letter (Montessori Language)

I remember language lessons at a school that I attended (non-Montessori):  they were tedious, non-exciting, monotone: writing in a notebook for an hour, the same letter – ten plus lines of it. However, with a Montessori approach, there is so much I can do to see a "spark" in my son's eyes.  So, I try to make learning, especially Language curriculum fun. (We do not need any "push" in Sensorial or Practical Life areas as they are always the most wanted activity of the day:)

So today, in continuing our alphabet letter study, we are "following the letter": capital and lower case intermixed. These pdfs I downloaded for free, and after laminating them, Adrian was eager to start. I offered him a choice of a marker, marbles, dot stickers and pom-pons – he wanted to try it all!

DSC_0100.JPGHe was done after four letters though(: I am sure tomorrow he will rush right back to it:)

Do you have any interesting ways to "follow the letter"?

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