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Christmas Inspired Color Mixing

Today, we are doing Christmas-inspired color mixing. Color mixing touches upon so many areas: it involves practical life skills since a child is using fine-motor skills to use the eye dropper. The activity is also sensorial since a child visually sees the colors. You will also teach different color names and enlarge the vocabulary, by introducing language such as primary, secondary, and tertiary colors. And, of course, it is a form of art.

The objective is to develop the pincer grip, fine motor co-ordination and concentration. The activity will also refine child’s perception of color and visual discrimination.

There are (3) Primary colors: Red, Yellow, Blue (primary colors are what all the other colors are made of)

Secondary colors (are made by mixing two of the primary colors)

  •  Green =Blue + yellow
  • Orange= Red + yellow
  • Purple/Violet= Red + blue


Today, we are mixing just two colors. Since, red is a primary color, we will be making green. You would need (3) eyedropper bottles filled with red, yellow, and blue primary colors, toothpicks for mixing, white paper towels, and a sponge.

DSC_0001Adding blue color
DSC_0001Adding yellow color
DSC_0001Mixing blue and yellow with a toothpick.
DSC_0001Once all the circles of color are mixed, place a paper towel over.

Blue + Yellow = GREEN
DSC_0001The shades of green are different based on the ratio of yellow/blue Adrian added via a dropper (1 drop vs 3 drops).
DSC_0001Making green on a color wheel.
DSC_0001Adding blue to the yellow to make GREEN.
DSC_0001Christmas colors: Red and Green 
DSC_0001What will happen if we mix red and green?

Next time, we will be mixing three colors together on a color wheel. Finally, we will be making tertiary colors. Stay tuned!

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