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Julia’s Christmas Gift: LEGO Creator Expert Santa’s Workshop

What was on your child's wish list for Santa? Julia asked for LEGO. And since she was good this year, Santa delivered her LEGO Creator Expert Santa's workshop. The set comes with 883 pieces and the box says 12+ but Julia (7 years old) was able to finish it completely independently. 

DSC_0034The set comes with individually numbered bags, and detailed instructions guide the child through the process. 
DSC_0034Adrian was right there, next to Julia, during the entire process, tinkering himself🙂

DSC_0034Four and a half hours later, Julia had competed the workshop.

Interestingly, once the "building" process is complete, the actual "play-time" with the end-product is extremely disproportional. Julia spent four + hours building, and may be an hour playing. 

Just recently (this September), Julia was working with LEGO Friends Series which is for 6-12 years old (read here about her 7th Birthday LEGO gifts.) And now, few months later, she is able to complete the Creator Expert level which is for age group 12+. Alongside with BRIO toys, LEGO has been the best investment in a toy! I am able to observe how LEGO develops stamina, instills persistence and meticulous attention to details, fosters independent work and advances my child's ability to follow detailed and tedious assembly instructions. Not to mention, how LEGO promotes hours of concentration in a child that cannot sit still for long, and then offers the great joy of seeing the creation come to life! I could not wish for more:)

 p.s. Julia has been enjoying LEGO since she was four years old (read here). Adrian, on the other hand, was exposed to LEGO since birth. Since being few months old, we would position his floor-mat nearby, offering him a good observation point of Julia's meticulous work. He knew since then, that if Julia could be so engulfed in something for so long, it had to be good! 

What is your favorite toy?


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