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Dinosaurs My First Discoveries book (Dino Unit Study)

Recently, we came across "My First Discoveries" series of non-fiction books, and we are loving it! The spiral-bound Dinosaurs book (buy here) is just the right level for a 3-year-old. This book boasts beautiful bright illustrations and factual details with child-friendly comparisons such as "Which dinosaur was as long as two buses?", "Which dinosaur could fly?" and "Where did dinosaurs lay their eggs?" Also, transparent overlays add a different fun dimension to a traditional reading.  


Some scientists estimate Brachiosaurus to weigh about ‎60 tons (120,000 lbs), according to 2014 study in the journal PLOS Biology, but how useful is this information to a three-year old? This Dinosaurs book, on the other hand, explains that Brachiosaurus weighed as much as twenty elephants, which is more relatable to a child! 

DSC_0155Overlay pages surprise a child to see the reverse sides of the picture.
DSC_0154Illustrations are bright and inviting, with just enough factual details.

DSC_0154  DSC_0154

Turn the transparent overlay page, and the picture the child was just looking at gets transformed!

With hard cover and spiral binding this books will definitely last, offering hours of innovative, factual non-fiction reading! 

Stay tuned for more on Dinosaur Unit Study. 

p.s. read here a post about the Encyclopedia Prehistorica: Dinosaurs Pop-up Book📚 

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