Array Balloon Color-Mixing Kids Craft
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Balloon Color-Mixing Kids Craft


A fun primary-secondary colors kids craft designed for preschoolers and kindergarteners to promote sensory play and advance fine motor skills.

This is a fun Balloon Color-Mixing Kids Craft which, besides advancing fine-motor control by using a dropper, will also teach your child primary and secondary colors.


You’ll need for this Balloon Color-Mixing Kids Craft:

  • cotton pads
  • a glue stick
  • thin ribbon
  • food coloring

HOW TO make this Color-Mixing Kids Activity Craft:

First, offer your child to glue ballon-ribbons and three white cotton pads to a piece of paper. Then, using a dropper, add red food coloring to one cotton pad. Thereafter, add yellow and blue coloring to each: creating all three PRIMARY colors.

Besides making PRIMARY colors, Adrian made SECONDARY colors by adding the following:

  • he added yellow to red, thus making orange color
  • he then added blue to yellow, thus making green
  • finally, Adrian added red to blue, making purple

While you are making this Balloon Color-Mixing craft, discuss with the child the primary and secondary colors. Ask your child to find items around the house that match each of the colors discussed.


Most importantly, through this fun hands-on sensorial kids activity, Adrian learned how to make orange, green, and purple SECONDARY colors by simply mixing the two primary colors.


Besides, you may also offer a child to mix any colors coming up with own color-pallet. As a final touch, Adrian added some sparkling glitter and wrote: “Love you, Dad!”

Adult supervision is required.

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    I love the idea of balloon color mixing as a kids craft. It’s a hands-on activity that sparks their imagination and creativity while exploring the world of colors


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