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💚Marshmallow ☘️Shamrock Stamping Kids Craft

March 12, 2019
Marshmallow Shamrock Stamping Kids Craft St Patrick's Inspired

Here is a fun St. Patrick’s Day craft idea your little one would love!

What you will need:

HOW: secure shamrock stencil to your card (white cardstock) with a tape. Offer your child a marshmallow to use as a stamp dipped in green and yellow paint and invite to “decorate” the card by stamping the entire white part of the card. Once all the white area of the card is filled with marshmallow stamps, sprinkle some glitter and let dry. Thereafter, remove your stencil to reveal a beautiful ☘️shamrock silhouette. Your child can write a message inside the card or draw a picture.

P.S. We did a similar craft by using dot markers for ❤️Valentine’s card, but I just love how marshmallows print, giving the imprint a raised 3D look!

For more St Patrick’s hands-on crafts and DIYs, see here ☘️St. Patrick’s Day Inspired Unit Study.

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