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North America Backyard Birds Scavenger Hunt


Free North America Backyard Birds Scavenger Hunt for children to notice, observe and record the birds while venturing outdoors and developing a lifelong admiration for these fascinating feathered friends.


Explore the outdoors and invite your child to bring attention to birds with this North America Backyard Birds Scavenger Hunt. “How many birds can you find/hear?” Ask your child to mark what s/he finds. Also, bring in some math and ask a child to COUNT how many birds s/he finds! Happy hunting! A local bird guidebook or an App can be helpful to identify the birds you observe. Also, when you venture outside, don’t forget the binoculars which can help you get a closer look at the birds you find. Enjoy your nature walks as you get to learn more about birds while developing a lifelong admiration for these fascinating animals!

INSTRUCTIONS: Print on 8.5 x 11″ letter-size paper. *Make sure to check off “fit to printable area.” For multiple uses, laminate by inserting the printed page into a laminating pouch

  • You can use an IRON instead of a laminating machine by setting your iron at a low temperature as if you would iron silk. Also, place paper OVER the laminating sheet and iron over it. (See HERE how I did it making a flower bookmark.)


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Raina Cashdollar Cashdollar

North America Backyard Birds Scavenger Hunt

Sarah F.
Lovely photographs

Lovely photographs that made identifying birds easier for my kiddos. Thanks for sharing!

Thank you! I am so glad! For little ones, it is easier to associate a real image rather than a cartoonish or painted one, so I am glad you enjoyed it! Xo Anya

Vanessa Harris

North America Backyard Birds Scavenger Hunt

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