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Adrian 2 years PRACTICAL LIFE ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿป

Crumbing a Table Activity – Toddler Practical Life Activity

Practical life activities can be introduced to a toddler as early as 15 months. I started offering to Adrian crumbing the table activity at around 26 months. This small crumb set is perfect for table-top crumbing. The activity can be practical indeed, like asking your toddler to help clean up crumbs or food pieces after a dinner, or prepared, like here, where you would use any type of grain, dry pasta or seeds, and a defined area to clean (I used a black magnetic tape that I re-use to define a square).  

DSC_0088.JPGThe dustpan and stiff-bristle brush both have wooden handles, and a magnet holds the brush to the dustpan.
DSC_0088.JPGThe activity requires concentration and precision.
DSC_0088.JPGAll done!


As soon as Adrian would finish, he would start it all over again, sometime three times in a row.

Don't you love Practical life activities? 

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