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Pasting a glass jar Paper Mache at two years old

Pasting is so much fun for children! I am sure you have Holiday or birthday cards which are too beautiful to throw away and lots of tissue paper that does not look presentable any longer to decorate a birthday gift bag with as well as lots of left over wrapping paper. What to do with all that? Offer it to your child as a Paper Mache art project! Throughout a year, I have saved picture parts from Christmas cards or birthday cards, and I would offer Adrian to cut (or rip) them into pieces. You can also make the pieces into a certain shapes: triangle, squares etc. 

DSC_0247-001This was Adrian's first pasting with Christmas paper at 26 months.

 Adrian had so much fun that soon after he decided to decorate his glass pencil jar. 


Adrian got to practice cutting with scissors as well as ripping skills, and thereafter he could not wait to express his creativity! We use Mod Podge for pasting, which cleans off easily from hands/table (so long as it is still wet).

DSC_0003Adrian would apply the Mod Podge to the glass jar and then layer tissue paper over it. 
DSC_0003Adrian used pieces from his recent cutting activity. 

DSC_0032More layering with cut out wrapping birthday transportation paper.  

DSC_0234-001All done!
DSC_0251-001Useful + Recyclable + Fun

Adrian loves these Giotto Mega PencilsLyra is a German company and the quality is amazing. The pencils have thick core and a very comfortable groove for the little hands to hold! Not to mention the vibrant colors. 

You can do so much with paper mache: you can use dried flower leaves to decorate a jar to make it into a candle holder or even a lantern. Trust me, your toddler will have a lot of fun!

Happy pasting 🙂

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