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 Julia (at six and a half) and Adrian (at two and a half) really enjoy "National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of …" Series. Today, we are reading the First Big Book of the Ocean (buy here ). The pictures are big, colorful, mostly two-pages-wide; while the text is simple and presented in a way that a child can understand. For example, when describing size, "as big as two school buses" is easier for a toddler to perceive than footage, which is an abstract concept to a child


I also realized that when we read together, children absorb better when they have something tangible they can touch, feel and role-play with. So, we have been slowly collecting different ocean animals.

Sea animlas

We started with the Schleich Ocean Creatures Set (as pictured above, which is a great value).



DSC_0080This cute seahorse is Adrian's favorite:)
Mantra RayDSC_0080


I made a word.doc with short summaries and corresponding pictures of the sea animals we are studying.

(you may download it for your personal use here - Download SEA ANIMALS)

DSC_0127Adrian takes his ocean friends anywhere there is water: to play during bath time and to the pool :)
We bought Safari Ltd Humpback Whale since Schleich Humpback is discontinued (: 
We also bought an Octopus


We also enjoyed reading The Open Ocean, an oversized book about marine life with nice graphic illustrations and intriguing facts about each animal. The book is very interactive …

DSC_0345.JPGThe moment you turn the page, the book comes "alive" with matching flaps and variety of guessing games.

The child has to seek a sea creature from its silhouette, shell, or scales  — and just lift the flap to discover the answer! This book added another fun dimension to our study of ocean life. 

See here a post " 🌊 Ocean Unit Study."

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