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Wooden Primary Car Puzzle for 2+

This eco-friendly colorful car puzzle has big, chunky pieces which are easy for toddlers to grasp. Also, introducing puzzles with only few pieces gives a child confidence. I first introduced it to Adrian when he was a year-and-a-half. At almost three years, he still enjoys it. I like a toy that "grow" with your child: even a one year old can enjoy holding these chunky pieces of solid wood painted with bright, non-toxic paints. 

DSC_0001One piece is a little tricky as one side is curved and the other side is squared.
DSC_0001So, a child has to realize to flip it to fit, a skill which is acquired with practice.

DSC_0001Eventually, a child will be able to assemble the car free-standing. 


What puzzles does your toddler enjoy?

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