Array Pumpkin Puzzle Kids Activity
Adrian 3 years (36 months milestones) Fall Materials and Toys Puzzles

5 Layer Pumpkin Puzzle

Adrian loves this 5 Layer "Pumpkin" Puzzle. It is developed in Germany, each puzzle layer is number-coded (1-4), and it offers four puzzles in one! It also goes very well with our Montessori Fall-Themed Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers!

Adrian first sorts all the pieces into four "piles" by numbers (each puzzle piece is number -coded on the back). He then starts with puzzle Number 1. Once the first layer-puzzle (coded number 1) is completed, he proceeds with puzzle number-coded 2, and so forth until he completes all four puzzles.

Sorting four puzzles into four piles. 

DSC_0437Starting with puzzle number-coded 1.
DSC_0437Number 1 puzzle is completed.
DSC_0437All four puzzles are done!

What are your favorite fall puzzles? 

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