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🎅🏻Christmas Inspired • Fill The Ornament 🎄Sensory Bin

During Christmas season, in a spirit of a holiday, I like to create themed sensory bins. Sensory play is exciting, and it offers tactile stimulation through touch, manipulation, exploration and more. Today, I offered Adrian to make ornaments, filling them with colored beads and white rice. In the process, he will be mastering his fine motor skills such as scooping, pouring, transferring, grasping, gripping and more.  


The ornament sensory bin set-up:

  • a large bin (or any other large container/box),
  • white rice,
  • shiny beads in Christmas-colors,
  • plastic globe ornaments (I have larger and smaller),
  • a funnel,
  • a scooper (measuring spoon),
  • a measuring cup.

20161207-DSC_0538Santa, along with North Pole & Reindeer Parking signs added a festive twist to a bin.
20161207-DSC_0537Spooning is a wonderful fine-motor exercise.
20161207-DSC_0537Pouring requires precision and attention.20161207-DSC_0546 The sound of beads hitting the ceramic is very soothing.
20161207-DSC_0546What about turning ornaments into maracas, producing a pleasant sound!
20161207-DSC_0546"Hmmm, which tree would the ornaments look nice on?"
20161207-DSC_0546 "My Tree!" Adrian decided.

Sensory bins are so much fun! Read here about the Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Sensory Bin.

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