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Vincent van Gogh – Introducing The World’s Greatest Artists Series

Although, I have been introducing art to Adrian in a form of prints and books (not to mention different art projects), it is time to begin our theory art curriculum, by starting to introduce some of the great artists. Today, we are learning about Vincent van Gogh – one of the most talented, although tragic artists. Getting to Know the World's Greatest Artists (buy here) is a wonderful series to introduce fine art and famous artists to a child. The author uses cartoon like illustrations and jokes to deliver complicated messages to a child, and he does a great job! Julia loves this series! 

DSC_0018To the left is Julia's Sunflower art she painted with watercolors at six years old.

In the Garden with Van Gogh board book series is a fun way to introduce fine art to smaller children. The sleepy trees, golden haystacks, and juicy fruits of In the Garden with Van Gogh will delight even the littlest ones. Adrian has been enjoying this book since he was one year old. Each of artist's timeless paintings is accompanied by a simple four line playful rhyming text.

Children also put together  The Starry Night and Sunflowers jigsaw puzzles. The box says 3+ however, pieces are very similar looking, so Adrian had to recruit Julia's help to finish them. 

We are also using Van Gogh Dover Postcards, which I cut out and laminated for durability. Later, the cards can be used for sorting into still life, portraits, and landscape. 

Below is a video of an amazing form of art! I could not resist but to share :) 

"Turkish ebru artist Garip Ay creates dreamy pieces of art. Ebru, also know as decorative paper art, is one of the oldest Turkish arts described as painting on water. Colorful patterns are formed by sprinkling and brushing color pigments on a pan of oily water and then these patterns are transferred to paper."

Hope you enjoyed. Stay tuned for the next great artist.

Read here Vincent Van Gogh Inspired 12 Sunflowers Tissue Paper Recycled Cardboard Roll Paper-Mache Craft for Children.

p.s. As a bilingual mother, I also try to introduce lessons in my native language. Дети очень любят Всемирную Картинную Галерею Тётушки Совы. Эта серия по теме, про художника Винсента Ван Гога. 



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