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I wrote about BRIO Toys in details here, and how it has been one of Adrian's favorite toys ever since he was two years old. BRIO has never stopped captivating him; always calling to explore, build, create, and bring new BRIO Cities to life! Today, we have another creation! At three years old, Adrian still does not follows any instructions, and he lets his imagination be his guide!

Trusty Tow TruckCar Transporter, & Red Locomotive.

DSC_0018Monorail Airport set (buy here). 
DSC_0009A terminal with control tower, part of the Airport set (buy here).

The Airport set includes a battery powered Monorail train, a terminal with control tower, track risers, an airplane with moveable stairs, as well as a captain and a passenger.


This grey/red BRIO Travel train (pictured above/buy here)comes with three-cars, and two figurines: an engineer and a passenger. A child can open hinged cab or passenger cars and the engineer and passenger can fit right in. This Travel train is stopping at a Metro Station (buy here), which comes with a different yellow train (see below), a ticket kiosk, Metro map and two passengers. 

DSC_0175 DSC_0175

Metro Railway Set (buy here) comes with above-pictured yellow light-and-sounds train engine with two passenger cars and upwards sliding doors.

DSC_0009Cargo Harbor set (buy here) comes with a container-ship with hinged cargo bays, button-activated motorized train engine, mechanical draw bridge and a pivoting crane. 

DSC_0018 The mechanical draw bridge opens to let the container-ship through. 


Safari railway train set (buy here) is a great BRIO starter for any wild animal adventurer lover. It even comes with a monkey who, while hanging from the tree, is waiting to steal hay off a wagon.

DSC_0018Mischievous monkey is stealing hay off a train wagon!


A Farm set (buy hereincludes a train engine with a cargo car, a farm tractor with a trailer, a two story barn with hay loft, track crossing, a cow, a horse, hay and fencing; as well as eight track sections with special track crossing section and "cow crossing" warning sign. The hay wagon has a magnetic hay bale with two dowel pegs to secure the load for transport. When it's time for animals to move inside the barn, your child can load them into the train car with the help of the fold out ramp and pull the car with the engine.
DSC_0009Special two-story barn has a mechanical magnetic crane which can hoist hay into the hay loft for winter storage with a turn of a red knob. You can also use the crane to slide the hay out and into the farm tractor or a wagon and drive it out to the livestock. 

DSC_0009Adrian also uses PlanToys Road & Rail set (buy here), which is BRIO compatible. 
DSC_0009Two-floor waiting BRIO Station (buy here). DSC_0045Battery operated train engine from a Farm set (buy here) is crossing a moveable drawbridge. DSC_0002

Adrian's goal was to connect the tracks in a way that a red locomotive (buy here) could go all the way around without de-railing or being stuck.

Besides a red locomotive (buy here), Adrian is also using a battery operated train engine with a cargo car from a Farm set (buy here).

Adrian loves this Action Train (buy here). The set includes a battery-operated motorized engine which runs on its own and pulls spinning cement mixer and a rocking coal wagon. The engine powers down the tracks and can pull other wagons with a push of a button. The cement mixer car spins and the coal wagon rocks back and forth.

It is busy here, in BRIO City! 

What is your child's favorite toy?

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