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❤️Valentines 🔢Number Bingo

Number Bingo is a fun game to play with children who are just learning numbers 1-50, or who already know their numbers. The game is also great to play together with friends or siblings, and learning to take turns teaches children cooperation, patience, and respect. Before the game begins, children have to agree which pattern will be the winning one: a row filled vertically, horizontally or diagonally. Alternatively, they can choose a more complicated winning pattern such as "T" shape or the circumference ~ the "square" pattern.

DSC_0046You may download a pdf of this lesson for your personal use here

To have a prepared environment, you would need bingo cards with slightly different number combinations, small cards with numbers that match those on bingo cards, and counters or game pieces. 
DSC_0046Each player gets one or two bingo cards (older children can choose to have even more), and taking turns, children pull a small-number card, announce the number, and see if they have that number on their bingo sheets. If they do, they would cover that number with a counter.

DSC_0046In Valentine's spirit, we are using ❤️️ hearts as game-pieces.

DSC_0046This game promotes number recognition and sequencing as the child looks for a match.

Here, children agreed on a vertical row winning pattern, and Julia was the first to have hers filled ~ so she is the winner!

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