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Valentine’s 💝Card • 🚙Blue Truck Foot Print •Sending You Loads of 💗Love

Happy 💝Valentine's Day! I hope your hearts are full of love and ready to share the light with family, friends, and dear ones. Today, we are making a special surprise for Daddy: Adrian's footprint turned into an art project: his favorite Blue Truck 🚙 delivering loads of love! Adrian also wrote himself "ADRIAN LOVE" in a true spirit of a Valentine! We cannot wait to🎁give it to Daddy!

DSC_0119I helped Adrian to make his👣foot-print, and I also pained the blue truck's details and the down-hill straight line. The rest, Adrian painted by himself: the clouds, the sun, the grass. He really enjoyed mixing colors, especially adding white acrylic color to make different shades.
Here, Adrian is enjoying painting with different shades of green. We are using these paint brushes, and these non-toxic vivid colors watercolor paints. By the way, have you read the GREEN book (buy here). It is an absolutely amazing art book for children! I had no idea that green color has so many shades! 

DSC_0119Something is missing, isn't it? What about adding Adrian as a driver?

DSC_0007Adrian is almost 2 months old in this picture.

To embellish the card, we added different Valentines and heart confetti. Adrian also had a chance to practice his gross motor skills while he was punching out the hearts from pink and red cardstock which we used to decorate the card (glue just a half of the heart to the paper and bend a little the other half to create the 3-D effect). We also glued glitter-felt-heart stickers for some extra shine! 

Happy Valentine's Day💐! I hope your day is filled with love, happiness, and special memories! Thank you from my heart💖 for following our Montessori life journey!

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For more on Valentine's hands-on fun, see here ❤️Valentine's Inspired Activities for Kids.

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