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Dinosaur Matching Memory Game (Dino Unit Study)

Today, we are playing Dinosaur Matching Memory game that I created. We are using one-to-one correspondence with two sets of sorting cards. Match-Up Memory game is a classic (it can be made for any unit study), and it is simple and fun to play. The game can even be played alone, or enjoyed among siblings and friends! (Parents can join-in too! I had so much fun playing it with Adrian while Julia was at school.) 

Besides improving concentration and training visual memory, Matching Memory Game increases short-term memory and attention to details. The game also improves the ability to find similarities and differences in objects and helps to classify objects that are grouped by similar traits. Lastly, matching memory game is a language material, so a child playing it will inevitably be building and improving his/her vocabulary.


Our Dino friendsSpinosaurus (buy similar here), Tyrannosaurus-Rex (buy here), Styracosaurus (buy here), Triceratops (buy here), Apatosaurus (buy here). Also, please visit my aStore💖 (New!) click on the left side-bar, where under the category "Materials we are💗Loving Now" I hand-picked best value sets of dinosaurs that will save you some💲  money. I would also love to hear your feedback as to the layout 🙂

Adrian has been showing more and more affection for Apatosaurus (buy here). Adrian likes that Apatosaurus resembles a giraffe (his favorite animal), and that it was a plant-eating (herbivore) dinosaur, who spent most of its time grazing. (Apatosaurus lived in the Jurassic Period around 150 million years ago.) Despite its small head and even smaller brain, Apatosaurus was one of the largest land animals to have ever walked on🌏 Earth! To counter-balance its huge body and long neck, Apatosaurus had a long whip-like tail. Some Apatosaurus might have lived to be a 💯 hundred years old!

Did you know? The Apatosaurus is also known as the Brontosaurus. Confusion was caused when bones of the giant dinosaur were first discovered in 1877 by Othniel Charles Marsh. After naming the new dinosaur Apatosaurus (meaning deceptive lizard), Marsh later found a larger set of bones and incorrectly thought they were a new species which he then named Brontosaurus (meaning thunder lizard). However, the second set of bones were just the adult version of the Apatosaurus already discovered.

With a length of 25 meters and hip height of more than three meters, this dinosaur weighed almost 40 tons. How heavy is it?40 🐻, 80 🚘 or 6 large 🐘!!! Fully grown brown bears and polar bears weigh approximately 1 ton, so that is 40 polar bears and 80 cars (most cars weigh approximately 1/2 ton). And a fully grown elephant can weigh up to 7 tons, so Apatosaurus weighed about as much as 6 large elephants!   
DSC_0018Spinosaurus just like T.Rex has a movable lower jaw! (Buy similar here.)

I created this Dino Memory Game with a help of an online printing company. Cards are made of a high quality durable cardstock, and can either be made in glossy or matte finish. (I prefer matte finish to conceal the fingerprints.) And the best part is that the game arrives ready to use – no need for printing, cutting, or laminating! If you would like to purchase this Dino matching game, please email 📧 Me 💖.

Adrian had so much fun with this memory game! Also, if played with siblings or friends, the game teaches patience and how to wait for your turn, improving social skills and building on respectful communal interaction. 

p.s. Read interesting facts about these dinosaurs in a Dinosaur Box post here.

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