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Sticker 🚀Painting •Kids 🔢Math Puzzle Craft

Today, Adrian is making a completely new craft: creating pictures, one sticker at a time, while using a Paint by Sticker Kids book (buy here). 

The illustrated templates are printed on perforated card stock, and there are ten pages of stickers to fill in and create the artwork. The fun, vibrant images are rendered in “low-poly,” a computer graphics style using geometric polygon shapes to create a 3-D effect. Each template is divided into hundreds of spaces, each with a number that corresponds to a particular sticker. 

DSC_0021 We are using this lion (not included with the book).

These graphics style images also act as template-puzzles: the child reads the number (a great lesson on teens and tens!), then finds the matching number place on the picture while rotating the geometrical piece to have it fit exactly. Add the next, and the next, and the next and voila!

DSC_0011 It’s a rocket ship blasting through space! Adrian decided to cut it out, practicing his scissor skills.

DSC_0023Adrian loved watching his sticker-creations come to life!

DSC_0021Once fully assembled, he cut each picture and asked me to laminate them.

DSC_0025Adrian then secured the ice-pop stick to the back with a scotch tape, creating a puppet!

DSC_0025   It is a friendly toucan flying through the sky.


While the assembly is very meticulous (some pieces are very tiny), this activity is awesome for advancing fine motor control. Also, this process is tedious since there are generally around a hundred stickers to be matched. Despite all, Adrian really enjoyed it, and he kept going until he completed the entire image. Watching his painting, made out of hundreds of geometrical shapes come to life was a reward worth working for!

Have you ever painted your masterpiece with stickers?

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