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Safari Ltd Animals of the World Small World TOOBs


With the highest regard, this is a sponsored post with Safari Ltd. All opinions are my own, and I am so excited to collaborate with this amazing team that brings Toys That Teach to our children. You can read more about Safari Ltd ’s mission of “educating children about the importance of nature and its conservation through the joy of play” here.

Do you know what is your child’s MOST IMPORTANT job right now?! It is to PLAY with TOYS that TEACH! Yes, as simple as that, and I am not talking about toys that are battery-operated or ones that require a monotone motion of pressing a button. No, I am speaking about the open-ended toys that ignite the love of learning; toys that spur curiosity; toys that lead to questions and answers and inevitable discoveries! Remember that learning does not transpire at a desk during lectures, but learning happens when children TOUCH, MANIPULATE, TRANSFER … when they CONNECT, they WILL remember!

What if your children can see the world unfold in front of their eyes? What if they can see giraffes and zebras roam the savannas of Africa?

What if your child can see a bald eagle fly high over the mountains of North America?

What if your child can feed bamboo to a panda from Asia’s central China?

What if your child can jump over Australian valleys with a kangaroo?

What if your child can see all the continents’ inhabitants as they cohabitate on our blue planet we call home?

Little people need time to touch, relate to, sympathize with, transport, bring to life through play and more! From birth until about the age of six, children go through a stage of sensory refinement, starting at the age one-and-a-half to have an intense interest in small objects and details. During this stage, they absorb their environment unconsciously and effortlessly, having an “absorbent mind” focused primarily on the sensorial exploration of the factual world.

So, during this sensorial window of opportunity which stays wide open until the age of six, every activity we set up for the child to manipulate, hold or touch through play with open-ended toys, lays the most important foundation for future learning and academic mastery.

We want our children to spend less time in front of the TV or tablets, and more time playing! Dr. Maria Montessori said that “Play is the work of childhood!” and that is very important work!

Our job as parents is to set up multidimensional real life invitations for an independent PLAY which will inevitably advance language, social, cognitive, and physical development.

And, we can easily do so with affordable Safari Ltd TOOBs animal figurines! Safari Ltd team puts tremendous amount of research into the meticulous artwork before each authentic high-quality figurine reaches the child!

We want our children to know about our world and its inhabitants and to respect and to treasure it all. So, by providing them with accurate models of our vast world, we can assure that our children can relate to and hopefully sympathize with all the living creatures who are part of our symbiotic global relationship, essential to the balance of our planet Earth.

With the help of open-ended TOYS that TEACH we are creating strong thinkers, inquisitive pioneers, and passionate global Stewarts. “Within the child lies the fate of the future,” said Dr. Maria Montessori, and we are holding that future in our hands as parents and educators by fostering a stimulating learn-through-play environment with meaningful educational toys.

Please note, that Safari Ltd is graciously extending all my followers and subscribers 15% off the ENTIRE order! Pick anything you like here and enter a promo code AnyaM1 to receive your 15% discount! And, you will also receive free shipping on orders $50 and over, USA residents only.

Always supervise your children while they are learning through play. We are using this Montessori World puzzle to sort the animals according to their continental habitat.

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What is your favorite small world play?

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