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Ocean Taste Safe Spaghetti Small World Sensory Play

March 31, 2019

Have you seen small word invitations to play using a Kmart tray? Well, those are one of the most amazing sensory set ups I have ever seen! So, today, inspired by so many talented accounts, we are setting up an OCEAN and its amazing inhabitants small world play!

What you will need:


To resemble the ocean water, I am using cooked spaghetti. (I generally use EXPIRED food or one that fell on the floor, or if it is not suitable for eating somehow, and I am VERY reluctant to use a LOT of edible food! So, open your cupboard and look for food that has passed its expiration date!)

How to color your pasta: add about five squirts of blue food coloring to the water while cooking your pasta according to the instructions. I did end up using more coloring then if I would color it in a zip-lock once fully cooked, and the blue color is not very dark (I purposely wanted it to resemble the light blue water), however, the major benefit is that pasta does NOT stain the hands!

TIPS: rinse cooked pasta with cold water and dry with a paper towel. Store in a ziplock in a fridge for a few days before tossing.

In terms of Sensor Play, my motto is: they TOUCH it, they GET it, they MANIPULATE and it goes directly to their BRAIN! Did you know that triggering sensory stimulation fires multiple signals between neurons, which strengthens its connectivity and spurs neuroplasticity – aka the production of new connections and NEW neurons themselves increasing brain agility – all that from mere tactile stimulation!

You might also want to offer tongs to transfer pasta and scissors to cut it, both of which are awesome fine motor tools!

Please, always supervise your children while they are learning through play. You can see this post on Instagram here. Inspired by GraysAtPlay and MotherCould.

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