Dancing Corn Raisin Kids Science


Dancing Corn Raisin Kids Science Experiment is designed for preschoolers and kindergarteners to promote STEM education and hands-on learning in children.

Dancing Corn Raisin is a super fun Kids Science Experiment. Most importantly, it is extremely easy to set up since no science equipment or materials are required! Besides, your little one will be fascinated by the magical hopping and dancing happening in your jar in seconds!


This Dancing Corn Raisin or “Popcorn Goes The Raisin” experiment is two-fold. First, the child is advised to pay attention to plain water jar as opposed to the carbonated one. Secondly, you would draw your child’s attention to the carbonated jar on the right to observe whether corn and raisin behave differently once submerged. (HINT: one or the other would rise to the surface faster!)


WHAT You’ll need for this Kids Science Experiment:

  • two clear jars or glasses (Mason jars work well too)
  • plain tap water
  • carbonated water (or club soda)
  • raisins
  • dried corn or popcorn (popping corn)

How to conduct this Dancing Corn Raisin experiment:

To begin, offer your child to compare and contrast the raisin and popcorn kernel. Raisin is wrinkled, as oppose to a kernel which is smooth.

The Kid's Book of Simple Everyday Science
The Kid’s Book of Simple Everyday Science

The Kid’s Book of Simple Everyday Science explains what is going on during this kids science experiment.

See this Video on YouTube HERE

Science Mystery Revealed:

During this Dancing Corn Raisin Kids Science experiment, bubbles form on the popcorn and raisin in both kinds of water. The bubbles in plain water are very tiny. However, bubbles in the carbonated water are large since they have carbon dioxide gas in them. As such, bubbles make the popcorn kernels and raisin float. Yet, bubbles pop once they reached the top, and raisin and kernels fall back to the bottom until new bubbles form.


The wrinkled raisins hold more bubbles than the smooth popcorn. So, they rise to the surface faster. Hence, the raisin wins the race during this Dancing Corn Raisin Kids Science Experiment!

The Kid's Book of Simple Everyday Science-Cover
The Kid’s Book of Simple Everyday Science-Cover

Adult supervision is required.

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