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Pom Poms Push Baby Toddler Play Egg Carton DIY


It’s Baby Play time so here is a free and a very effective DIY your one-year-old will love!

What you will need:

  • a recycled egg carton
  • paints or markers (Sharpies worked great for us)
  • something small and round (we are using glitter pom poms but free to use small felt balls or even cotton balls)

How: cut holes in a recycled egg carton and color around each hole. Offer your little one pom poms of various sizes and colors to push through into a corresponding-color-hole. The larger the pom pom, the harder it is to push it in, but the carton is soft, so it gives in. As the baby pushes each pom pom, enunciate color names: babies absorb as sponges everything you say, so keep talking to them even if your little one does not respond or speak.

Your toddler will also enjoy this activity finding new ways to fit different size pom poms in.

This activity promotes fine motor control, dexterity, color recognition, and concentration! Can you wish for more from an egg carton?

You can see this activity on Instagram here.

Please always supervise your children while they are learning through play. Xo

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