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Mommy Motivations GOAL SETTING


Motivational quotes to inspire goal setting and an actionable plan to achieve those goals.

I have decided to start Mommy Motivations category in hopes to spark a little inspiration for goal setting for myself and others. Granted, a picture can speak louder than a thousand words, but at times, we need WORDS to draw a personalized picture, unique to us and our situation.

So, I always liked a quote: “A goal without a plan is just a wish!” So, plan it, jot it down, make it happen!

A few things to keep in mind while goal setting:


First, be realistic about what you can accomplish during the time allotted. For example, you cannot expect to lose ten pounds in two days!

Break down your goals into ACTIONABLE steps

Second, break down your goals into steps that can be acted on! We all want to accomplish things in life, but setting goals that are too general would make it difficult to accomplish them. It will also be challenging to measure how you are progressing. So, the best approach is to break big goals into smaller manageable chunks. “Nothing is particularly hard if you break it down into small jobs.” – said Henry Ford.


Third, so that you don’t end up with A goal without a plan, create a log or a note on your iPhone and write your goals and those action steps down. And, have them in a place where you can see it every single day. Cross out or check-mark the steps that were achieved. I also like to rewrite my goals to make sure that I am always working towards accomplishing them.


Most importantly, if you feel that a dream is unreachable, then it will be! However, if you take one small actionable step each day, you will soon reach your goals. Just take the first step! Do not wait for tomorrow!


In addition, make a schedule with deadlines. In fact, make sure to make it be a part of your daily routine so that working on your goals becomes natural and automatic.


Lastly, don’t quit! Taking action, regardless of how small or how long it takes, will help you move forward.


I would love to hear about your Mommy Motivations Goal Setting, about your wins, your strategies, and your struggles! Do you have A goal without a plan?

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