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Jooki Best Kids MusicPlayer

Jooki-Best-Kids- MusicPlayer-Sponsored

Jooki is the best splash-proof smart music player for kids that you can stream from Spotify, radio or files, built with parental controls, wifi speakers, and a child in mind!

Finally, you can purchase a smart music player that was designed with a child in mind! Jooki is an innovative smart player for kids that lets your children listen to and streamย musicย safely on their own! Jooki gives parents peace of mind since they control the content and the volume. Besides, Jooki is splash-proof, so your child can take it into the bathroom or outdoors! Most importantly, Jooki helps parents create a musical environment far from a screen! By havingย screen-free time, families can truly reconnect and enjoy the precious quality time together.ย And make special family time even more fun with music, singing, and dancing! Music plays a crucial role in the socialization of children, so explore music through play as children discover about themselves and the world around them. Choose Jooki as a fun, content-controlled, screen-free best kids music player!

What’s IN JOOKI Box:

  • a child-friendly Jooki music play
  • 5 cute characters (a whale, a knight, a dragon, a ghost, and a fox)
  • USB charging cable
  • HOLIDAY PROMO: EXTRA 4 GB memory card

Jooki-Best-Kids- MusicPlayer-Sponsored
Jooki Best Kids Music Player

Each character can hold a playlist, so it is an easy and fun way to personalize your choice of music. For example, Mommy got a dragon, so children loaded it with my favorite music. They also chose a character for each other and the rest were loaded with Holiday music and their favorite songs. Moreover, Jookiย is built with a wifi speaker, and can stream directly from Spotify. When the set-up is complete, no phone is needed and kids are free to control their fun screen-free music time. Also, with local content (MP3s, etc.),ย Jookiย can be used offline anywhere you wish: at the beach, at the park, or in the car.

Benefits of Music

Musicย arouses many areas ofย child developmentย and skills, including social, emotional, intellectual, gross- motor, language, and literacy. Music also helps the body and the mind work together in a coordinated matter. Thus, exposingย childrenย toย music earlyย helps them learn rhythm, sounds, and the meanings of lyrics words.


Most importantly, since the parent controls the content, you can be assured that music only positively affects the child’s behavior, since several studies have demonstrated that preference for certain types of music could be correlated or associated with certain negative behaviors.

Why choose Jooki:

  • Very easy to use! The song or the story starts when the figurine is placed on Jooki.
  • Listen to any type of music! You can stream your favorite music fromย Spotifyย or listen to anyย web radios. Jooki also allows you to copy your music from a CD, podcast, or audiobooks. Once you create the playlists on Jooki, whatever their source (Spotify, radio or files), you can link them with a figurine using the Jooki app on your smartphone or a computer.

Jooki-Best MusicPlayer-Built-for-Kids
Jooki-Best MusicPlayer-Built-for-Kids

Jooki design advantages:

First, Jooki was designed with a child in mind, and thus it isย portable,ย strong, and splashproof. Also, a child can easily and independently use the characters to play favorite playlists. Moreover, the Jooki App offers parental controls, such as the ability to turn off Jooki remotely at bedtime. Most importantly,ย you can adapt the music and swap the characters for tokens as kids get older so that the music never grows old! Lastly, Jooki featuresย high-quality soundย to ensure that it isย usedย for a long time.


Early exposure to music strengthens children’s social and emotional skills, as well as musical development and appreciation. Also, having fun family time together while singing, dancing or simply listening to favorite tunes, allows for a quality screen-free time that is beneficial for both children and adults! I hope you give Jooki a try as, in my opinion, it is the best kids MusicPlayer!

With the highest regard, this is a sponsored post with Jooki. All opinions are my own and from the heart! Besides, I am so excited to collaborate with this amazing team that brings music to our children! You can read more about Jooki mission of “to help parents to easily access their traditional treasures” here.

For a limited time, Jooki is offering $50 off as a part of their Holiday PROMO ~ Buy your smart music player HERE in time for Christmas!

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