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Blocks Rock Educational Game

Blocks Rock Educational STEM Game Toy for Kids Homeschool Montessori

Blocks Rock STEM toy and an educational game for competitive structured block play to boost spatial awareness skills while offering children a hands-on experience to build lifelong cognitive learning skills.

STEM education (with a focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) has grown exponentially in popularity for the right reasons. As accentuated by the U.S. Department of Education, STEM activities, such as designing and building, problem-solving, making and evaluating decisions, and processing information, have become crucial life skills for future success in our technocratic world. It’s also essential to start the STEM journey at a much younger age to train young minds to solve problems, make evaluations, and become innovative and resourceful individuals. And the way to ignite STEM learning in children is through gamification: learning through games. Blocks Rock is an educational game that promotes spatial awareness, offers a hands-on experience of building and structuring, and boosts STEM-specific foundational skills in children of all ages.

Blocks Rock Educational Game Race to Build

So, if you are still debating, what does the U.S. Department of Education have to say? In light of technocratic advances and the acceleration of scientific changes, the Department strongly suggests that all children should “benefit from a solid foundation in the STEM fields.” The question is, how and with which toys?

Blocks Rock STEM Educational Game Toy for children structured block building
Blocks Rock STEM Educational Game Toy for Children

Blocks Rock! Educational Game

Blocks Rock is an educational toy where children learn by playing a game! For example, one of the most influential pioneers of early years experiential learning, Dr. Maria Montessori, suggested that play is the work of the child. And if play is the work of a child, then toys are the tools that children use to learn about their world, themselves, and others. So, offer children the right tool, and effortless and spontaneous learning will follow. 

Dr. Maria Montessori wrote in The Absorbent Mind, p. 25, that “He [the child] does it [learning] with his hands, by experience first in play and then through work. The hands are [being] the instruments of man’s intelligence.” Meaning that children learn through playing, through experiencing their world with all their senses [experiential learning.]

Blocks Rock Educational STEM Toys Game Building Up
Blocks Rock Educational STEM Toys Game Building Up

Blocks Play and Its Benefits

Educational Game Blocks Rock

With Blocks Rock educational game, one of the skills a child is learning is structured block play, which has been proven to foster hand-eye coordination and boost critical reasoning and problem-solving skills while promoting STEM learning.

What Do Children Learn Through Block Play? 

Playing with blocks allows children to learn science and math and helps them build gross and fine motor skills. Block play also supports language learning as children talk about the structures they built, creativity, imagination, self-esteem, and social and emotional growth.

How Does Research Support The Value of Block Play?

Over two decades of research reveal that children, from a very early age, build numbers and math skills and that those who are strong in early math skills excel in math in later years. Research shows that children’s block play relates to later math competence and a particular interest in STEM careers.

That is why Blocks Rock is an innovative way to turn play into a skill-building STEM education opportunity, fostering, developing, and leveraging skills children will be utilizing throughout their lives.

Blocks Rock Best STEM Educational Game
Blocks Rock Best STEM Educational Game.

STEM is All the Rage Right Now

What is a STEM Toy?

A STEM toy is a learning material designed to promote an educational concept for learning purposes. Parents and educators who ponder what benefits their children are getting from playing with toys can confidently steer towards STEM learning toys and games, which significantly and positively impact children’s educational growth.

Blocks Rock Educational Toys and Game

Blocks Rock is an educational STEM toy that can be used as a game to boost critical reasoning and problem-solving while children are utilizing their motor skills and cognition to build block structures.

Blocks Rock Educational STEM Game Toy for Kids Homeschool Montessori
Blocks Rock Educational STEM Game Toy for Kids Homeschool Montessori

STEM Benefits in Early Childhood Education

STEM educational toys and games, like Blocks Rock, have many benefits for early childhood education. Some of the benefits are:

  1. promoting spatial awareness skills,
  2. hands-on experience that builds STEM learning skills,
  3. developing hand-eye coordination capabilities,
  4. and gamification.

Spatial Awareness Skills

Understanding spatial relationships allow children to move and navigate objects and their positioning within their environment. By playing with blocks, children start to recognize and remember how objects with defining characteristics such as shape, size, volume, and weight are positioned relative to other things. 

Hands-on Experience

Moreover, by structuring with blocks, children engage in hands-on experience through stacking, manipulating, organizing, and classifying. Most STEM learning, especially during early childhood, revolves around teaching each subject through hands-on experiences. This type of kinesthetic learning develops a child’s understanding of subjects like science and mathematics experientially rather than strictly in a written manner from workbooks. Thus, this type of hands-on exploration provides a valuable experience that children can use and apply throughout their lives.


Lastly, Bloks Rock!, which is an educational game, boosts gamification, which is learning through games. Gamification provides a plethora of opportunities to discuss and engulf in engineering, math, gravity, and many other STEM topics.

Thus, if we want our children to be equipped with all the necessary tools to face the ever-evolving and advancing technocratic world, we shall instill in them STEM education early on by offering educational toys and games such as Blocks Rock to assure their future academic success.

Blocks Rock STEM Educational Toy Game for kids
Blocks Rock STEM Educational Toy Game for kids

With high regard, this is a sponsored post by Blocks Rock! The company brings joy and excitement to learning with captivating STEM games and challenges that build life-long critical and analytical thinking skills. You can read about their mission here.

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