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Animals’ Coats Skin-Matching Cards


Animals skin (coat) matching Montessori cards are one of the early sensorial toddler activities to stimulate visual sense and promote hand-eye coordination. Also available in Spanish.



Animals’coats skin-matching Montessori cards are one of the early sensorial toddler activities to stimulate visual sense and promote hand-eye coordination. (Also available in Spanish.)

Children LOVE animals, and they love even more to learn with multi-senses. Thus, Montessori animal coat (skin) matching cards are one of the favorite activities in a Montessori classroom. This printable, which includes high-definition real-life images of ten animals and their coats/skins can be used to stimulate VISUAL sense or as a multi-sensorial work if you add a TACTILE dimension to it.

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ANIMALS SKIN MATCHING Montessori Sensorial Activity

Animals Pictured:

  • cheetah
  • crocodile
  • elephant
  • giraffe
  • lion
  • leopard
  • flamingo
  • zebra
  • sea turtle
  • parrot

With this early Montessori sensorial activity, invite your child to match an animal picture to its skin (or vise versa). Optional: if you have animal figurines, invite a child to match animals to their skin or picture.


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Although traditional Montessori sensorial work tends to isolate just ONE SENSE (for example when you use a blindfold to isolate the TACTILE SENSE), COMBINING the sense of touch with other senses such as visual, has been proven to help build cognitive skills. You can start introducing Animals Skin Matching Cards to a child around 18 months. (READ DETAILS ABOUT WHEN TO PRESENT Montessori Nomenclature 3-Part Cards HERE.) This lesson can also be presented as a part of Montessori Cultural and Science work.

STAGE 1: [AGE 12 M +] The easiest matching is IDENTICAL PICTURE to PICTURE matching ~ you can do it with images of animals or images of coats (you would need to print two copies of an image ~ you are NOT matching skin to an animal).

STAGE 2: [AGE 18 M+] Matching animal COAT-SKIN to an ANIMAL PICTURE (this is a little more abstract since a child is matching part to whole)

STAGE 3: [AGE 18 M+]*If you have animal figurines you can invite a child to match animal toys to their respective pictures or coats while clearly saying the name of the animal.


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Customer Reviews

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Anna G

So fun for little ones to explore the world.


I used this this week and the children loved it ! It sparked many conversations about what they thought each skin would feel like ! Brilliant resource

Thank you so much for your heartwarming review! I am so glad you enjoyed the animal skin cards!

Kaihli Walsh
Awesome matching cards!!!!

I didn’t fully read the description and thought they would be smaller but they’re actually A4 size, I absolutely love them!

Thank you so much! I am so glad you liked it! I chose high-definition images, so definitely you can print them larger! Xo, Anya

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