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Montessori From The Heart is excited to announce the release of the Hearts Inspired Learning Kit [AGES 6M ~ 6 YO+] where the love of learning meets hands-on educational fun! 

Education is a natural process carried out by the child and is not acquired by listening to words but by experiences in the environment …[as such] “growth comes from activity, not from intellectual understanding.” ~ Dr. Maria Montessori.


If you looking for engaging hands-on learning activities with your child, but are not sure where to begin, this Montessori inspired learning kit is a place to start! Hearts Inspired Learning kit will bringing you everything you need to get started where the thinking and prepping was done for you! Why choose separate kits when you can get 4 kits in 1:

What is in the Box:

  1. Play Dough Kit Sensorial Activity
  2. Hundred Board Kit Math & Numeracy Activity
  3. Pipe Cleaners Threading Practical Life & Math Counting activity
  4. Pom Poms Heart Fine Motor Craft


everything you need to do over 25 activities

over 450 pieces

step-by-step PDF instructions

  FREE home-made no-cook play dough recipe

  BONUS~ an access to an exclusive online resource with details, lots of pictures and EXTENSIONS

  EXTRA ~a FREE basic Montessori Math curriculum outline

MATERIALS you get:

♥︎  150+ pom poms

♥︎  a Hundred Board with over 50 heart gem beads 

♥︎  200+ pony beads

♥︎  non-toxic play dough and a wooden roller

♥︎  3 wooden heart stamps & a metal heart cookie cutter

♥︎  tongs, dice, scissors, and more…


SKILLS your child will refine:

MATH number recognition and formation, strategies for addition, number sequencing, place value, visual matching, numerical order, and patterning, skip counting, comparing numbers (greater than/less than), rounding, fact families and more…

♡ FINE MOTOR CONTROL ~ when children practice small muscle hand control by tonging, pinching, transferring, threading, etc, they develop the strength, dexterity, and control needed to manipulate many everyday items such as a pencil, spoon, button, scissors, zippers, and more … He does it with his hands, by experience, first in play and then through work. The hands are the instruments of man’s intelligence.” ~ Dr. Maria Montessori. The Absorbent Mind.

♡ DEXTERITY ~ perfecting skills and ease in using their hands 

♡ CRAFTING  ~ children are innately very curious and imaginative, so providing a thoughtful stimulating prepared environment with lots of opportunities for artistic expression, will naturally spur creativity and self-expression!

♡ PRACTICAL LIFE SKILLS ~ Practical life activities are the heart of Montessori education as they play an essential role in a child’s development.  Practical life activities such as threading pipe cleaners or transferring small objects offer many benefits such as refinement of fine motor skills, the development of focused attention, and preparation for writing and reading. “Montessori Practical Life is more than the wonderful feeling of doing real work, of being helpful to others, this work also sharpens valuable mental skills including planning, organization, task initiation, working memory, self-regulation, flexibility, goal-directed persistence, and sustained attention. These are executive functions of the brain, and are more reliable predictors of academic achievements than even IQ scores.”The Universal Child, Guided By Nature by Susan M. Stephenson.

♡ HAND-EYE coordination ~ the ability to coordinate the information received through the eyes to control, guide, and direct the hands in the accomplishment of a given task

♡ SPATIAL AWARENESS ~ understanding the positioning of objects in relation to oneself in that given space and understanding the relationship of these objects when there is a change of position ~ think puzzles, symmetry games, patterns …

♡ PROBLEM-SOLVING SKILLS ~ math helps us think analytically and have better reasoning abilities

♡ SENSORY PLAY ~using play dough provides a wide array of developmental, learning, and especially sensory benefits. Tactile stimulation is extremely important for the developing brain since the “sensitive period” (which Dr. Montessori defined as a period of special sensitivity to particular stimuli) from birth till 4 yo is sensory refinement ~ and whatever is perceived through the hand, goes directly to the brain!

♡ LOGICAL THINKING is the process of using focus and self-control to solve problems, thus helping us make inferences, deductions, understand the consequences of our actions, set and follow through on goals. Math develops attention, concentration, memory, and logical thinking

♡ BILATERAL COORDINATION ~ the ability to use both sides of the body at the same time in a coordinated manner (for example when the child holds a pipe cleaner with one hand and threads with the other, or while using scissors)

♡ ANALYTICAL THINKING ~ mathematics develops the ability to think and investigate and find concrete solutions


I would love to hear from you whether you and your family enjoyed the Kit and if you liked it, please, share the love and leave a review at my shop under that Learning Kit. And, if we are connected on Instagram, I would LOVE to see my learning kits in action: either in Stories or as a post! Please, make sure to tag me @MontessoriFromTheHeart so that I get notified and I will feature you in my Stories.  

Note: Items may vary slightly from kit to kit


A portion of the proceeds will be donated to fight global warming 

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©2019 Montessori From The Heart ~ All Rights Reserved ~ This material is for personal use only and may not be shared or distributed in any form. My kits are for educational purposes only, so please use common sense when implementing my lessons since I can not be held liable for anything that transpires should you follow any of my suggestions or tutorials. Always supervise your children while they are learning through play, especially with small children as some items might be a choking hazard. 

♡ Xoxo~ Enriching the mind one heart at a time ~

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