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Valentines Kids Activity Pack


Valentines Kids Activity Pack for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergartners to promote active experiential learning.


A hands-on play-based Valentines kids activity pack for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergartners to promote fine motor control, logic, numeracy skills, scissor practice, spatial awareness, and more!

With this 57- page Valentine’s Kids Activity Pack, CLICK | PRINT | GO and keep little people happily engaged! I know, you know and your children know that workbooks are boring! That is why I created this hands-on activity pack where little hands will be dotting, imprinting, connecting, clipping, gluing, matching, and manipulating!  Experiential learning or “learning by doing” is an essential constituent of the Montessori teaching method.

This is a single-family use! Print as many copies for your own children but please do not share with friends and do not use this printable as a classroom resource!


*THIS IS A DIGITAL DOWNLOAD * No physical product is being shipped.

I included 2 PDFs – one compressed (9MB) and the other full (43 MB) but choose one since they are identical. The larger file might take longer to download, but it will have higher resolution images.

PRINT on 8.5 x 11″ letter size paper in LANDSCAPE. *Make sure to check off “fit to printable area.” Follow the instructions on each page.

This pack was carefully designed to stimulate the senses and engage children in ACTIVE learning to support early development. Hands-on activities encourage “experiential” learning, as opposed to the more traditional comparably passive model of lecture and drill exercises. With this Mega 57-page pack, repetition is accomplished by having a variety of prompts with which to practice the same concept, thus leading to mastery of the concept. Trust me, with this Valentine’s Kids Activity Pack, little hands will be engaged in a wide range of activities, triggering various skills while keeping the absorbing minds soaking up information intuitively, spontaneously, and with ease!

INSIDE Valentines Kids Activity Pack:

  • PAGE 2 – 13: [AGE 18 M +]  DO A DOT | FINE MOTOR perfect for toddlers and preschoolers ~ use dot markers, finger paint or a pom pom dipped in paints to fill in the winter object. 🌈Buy rainbow dot markers HERE.
  • PAGE 14 – 16: [AGE 18 M+] HALVES PUZZLE | LOGIC ~ Cut out the cards along the dotted lines. Thereafter, cut each card in half and invite a child to assemble the puzzle. (Optional: print another copy and leave it intact to use as control cards.)
  • PAGE 17: [ AGE 2YR +] FOLLOW the TRUCK to collect the hearts.
  • PAGE 18-19: [AGE 1.5 Y+] PRE-WRITING STROKES | FOLLOW THE LINE | mastering pre-writing strokes ~ see HERE a detailed post explaining pre-writing strokes in detail as well as showing you different ways to follow the line. You can also trace in dyed rice or salt. See dyed rice recipe HERE.
  • PAGE 20 -2: [AGE 2 YR +] COLOR RECOGNITION | SENSORIAL ~ start with yellow, red, and blue primary colors first, then introduce green, purple, and orange (secondary colors). Optional: laminate the page after printing and before cutting for durability and multiple uses.
  • PAGE 22-24: LIVING vs NON-LIVING Cultural & Science Lesson
  • PAGE 25-35: [AGE 2 Y+] STRIP PUZZLES/Control Pages included | SPACIAL AWARENESS ~ cut along the dotted lines and invite the child to assemble the cut-strips in order. Control of error is a picture and also the sequential numerical order.
  • PAGE 36 – 39: [AGE 2 YR +] Montessori 1-10 Counting Cards. Invite a child to use clothespins, a stamp, a dry erase marker or a finger dipped in paint to mark the correct number among the (3) listed, which represents the corresponding quantity of objects pictured.
  • PAGE 40: Common Core Standards
  • PAGE 41-42: [AGE 2 YR +] NUMERACY | One-to-One Correspondence. Decorate the bucket with roses.
  • PAGE 43-38: [AGE 3 YR +] Roses Ten Frame.
  • PAGE 49: One-To-One Correspondence in a Nutshell.
  • PAGE 50-51: [AGE 2 YR +] DOT THE ROSE & HEARTS | NUMERACY 1-5 ~ Finger or pom pom paint each rose/heart and count each ALOUD. Connect counting to cardinality and practice numeral to quantity association and 1:1 correspondence. 
  • PAGE 52: [AGE 3 Y+] SHAPE RECOGNITION | GEOMETRY ~ Cut out the shapes from the following page and match them to the identical shapes the penguin is holding. Optional: laminate the page for durability and offer to trace over with a dry erase marker.
  • PAGE 53-56:  [AGE 3 YR +]  ✂️ SCISSOR SKILLS | Cutting practice~ see HERE a detailed post about the proper scissors skills, the progression, and at what age to start introducing scissors ~ Follow the dotted line with scissors. Model proper scissor grasp. Optional: print multiple copies and use for tracing prewriting strokes as well.

Tips and Hacks to Use The Printable

  • To laminate, you can use an iron instead of a laminating machine. (Love these thermal laminating pouches). HOW: set your iron at low temperature, as if you would iron silk. To be safe, place plain paper OVER the laminating sheet and iron over it. (See HERE how I did it making a flower bookmark.)
  • Alternatively, you can use sheet protectors and insert your pages into it, and then use a dry erase marker
  • For a quicker and more precise straight cutting, I am using a paper trimmer instead of scissors.
  • *Laminated corners can be pocky, so use a corner rounder.

My materials are created with high-quality images and are thoughtfully designed from the heart.

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My materials are for educational purposes only, so please use common sense when implementing my lessons since I can not be held liable for anything that transpires should you follow any of my suggestions or tutorials. Always supervise your children while they are learning through play, especially with little ones as small items might be a choking hazard.


Safety Precautions:

All of the activities in © Montessori From The Heart ♡ store are to be supervised by an ADULT. As the caregiver of your child, you are the best person to assess the abilities of your child. Please take note and be aware of a child who is still mouthing items or is unsafe with small objects that could be placed in the nose, ears, or mouth. The owner of © Montessori From The Heart ♡ disclaims all liability for any damage, mishap, or injury that may occur from engaging in activities in this curriculum. It is the caregiver’s responsibility to monitor the child. Use these activities at your own discretion.

Terms & Conditions:

  • This product is to be used ONLY by the original downloader.
  • This product is licensed for SINGLE use and is intended for ONE-FAMILY household ONLY. You may use it with your own multiple children only ~ NO friends or classroom use, please.
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