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Playdough – self-expression or tools?

Since about 10 months, Adrian had been enjoying playdough . In the beginning, we would make our own from flour & water, & he would practice his skills at squishing, tearing, pinching… great sensorial stimulation! Then, while observing his older sister, who has been using a lot of "tool" like Play-Doh Doctor Drill 'N Fill & Sweet Shoppe Ice Cream Playset, Adrian would copy her & start using the tools as well.

Today, the sister was not around & he went to basics: I showed him how to roll a snake, how to make a ball.. & what he created was more complicated & involved then whatever he ever made using tools.  


Robot -he even used gel pens to draw his face 🙂



DSC_0316-001.JPGAbove is a "lollypop" (I guess he meant a cake?)
DSC_0316-001.JPGHow thin did he roll the orange snakes!

DSC_0319 DSC_0319 DSC_0319

This makes me wonder: tools or no tools? Are we limiting the self-expression & creativity by "guiding" a child with instruments, which might limit their imagination?


Working together! What's for dessert? 

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