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Play-Dough: making Mommy and using spaghetti pasta

Today, Julia and Adrian are working with play-dough. They love it as they can "work" together; they learn to share tools as well as play-dough; they chat and laugh, and most importantly, this activity allows them to express themselves creatively, be innovative, refine their fine-motor skills and it is fun! Today Julia is making me (her Mommy), and after a box of spaghetti spilled on the floor, Adrian gladly asked for some to use for his creative project! 

DSC_0045.JPGJulia made few sketches first, to practice facial features.


DSC_0045.JPGI love to see those little fingers at work! And so does he 🙂

Do your children enjoy play-dough? I would love to hear your ideas.

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