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Adrian 2 years MATH ๐Ÿ”ข

Numbers Infinity Book

Recently, children (Julia 7 and Adrian almost 3 years-old) have been very intrigued by an idea of infinity. The world that they know is so finite – everything has its size, the beginning and the end: a toy, a room, a house, a continent, the Earth, our solar system. I quite frankly cannot comprehend the infinite nature of our universe either: if something has no size, how can it keep expanding? Similarly, with numbers, Julia had asked me: "How far do the numbers go? Do they EVER stop?" –  "No, they continue infinitely," I replied. So, we decided to make this abstract concept of infinity more concrete: Julia or myslef will be writing numbers in the notebook, and Adrian will be circling them – for how long? Well, until the children feel comfortable with the concept of infinity:) 

DSC_0003.JPGAdding some bead bars and beads for a more concrete understanding of numbers.

DSC_0003.JPGAdrian circled 80 numbers this morning – he had enough for today:)

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