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Adrian 3 years (36 months milestones) LANGUAGE 🔤 ✍️ Materials and Toys MATH 🔢

A ❤️Favorite 📘 BLUE Book at 36 months

How to make learning fun? How to make an activity inviting, interesting, captivating, such that the child would want to do math or tedious writing or tracing? Well, you have to determine what does your child like. Adrian is obsessed with cars and transportation, so, for example, adding a transportation "theme" to a "boring" math addition will make all the difference! Having just turned three years old, My Brilliantly Blue Sticker Book book (buy hereis his favorite so far! Your child will learn about themes such as wild animals, cars, farms, space, and more with 350 fun stickers!

DSC_0374.JPGThe book is very brightly illustrated and includes many hands-on activities.

DSC_0373.JPGMaking abstract math concepts concrete facilitates an understanding of simple addition.

DSC_0375Fun matching and follow the line activities promote fine-motor control.

DSC_0146.JPGThe book also has Language section where the child can practice spelling and first sound recognition. 
DSC_0146.JPGLogical thinking is developed by prompting matching and tracing.

This book has been Adrian's absolute favorite because of the diversity of subjects (like transportation, dinosaurs, farm animals, our solar system etc,) hands-on application and many-many bright blue stickers!

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