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FIREWORKS COUNTING Kids DIY is a Montessori Patriotic Math Preschool Activity designed to develop numeracy, rational counting, and 1:1 correspondence skills.

What is a better way to celebrate the 4th of July Independence Day than with a fun hands-on tactile numeracy DIY! Besides, since you will be using recycled and craft materials, you can easily make this DIY at home in no time! Most importantly, with this Patriotic numeracy FIREWORKS COUNTING Kids DIY, your preschooler will be learning math and numeral to quantity association the Montessori way! And the best part, you can easily modify this activity for smaller ones, by making it for numbers one through five. Alternatively, if you have older children, turn these fireworks counting into teens.


  • recycled cardboard
  • recycled toilet paper rolls
  • pipe cleaners
  • hot glue gun
  • black marker

PRESENTING Montessori Patriotic Math Preschool Activity

First, cut each toilet paper roll in 1/4 so it’s about 1” inch each. Next, hot glue the corresponding number of pipe cleaners to each. (Colors are discretionary, but I chose them as white, blue, and red as colors on a USA flag.) Lastly, invite your child to count each firework-ray and correspond the total quantity to the numeral written on the cardboard. (Wooden number matching is optional since you already have numbers written on the cardboard.)


With this simple to make counting DIY, your preschooler is learning number recognition and 1:1 correspondence, which are extremely important for children to learn so that they can develop early mathematical skills. After your child has mastered ROTE counting, which is poem-like memorizing of the numerical order, you can start introducing  RATIONAL counting. The difference between rote and rational counting is that the former is a process of sequentially memorizing number names. The latter, on the other hand, is developing an understanding of the value of numbers. Children need to understand that quantity represents a numeral, meaning that they need to be able to assign the correct numeral name to each manipulative/counting object as they count in succession. Thus, One-to-One Correspondence is an essential distinction between rote and rational counting. With RATIONAL counting, a child utilizes one-to-one correspondence when counting, meaning s/he is able to count a set of 5+ objects by pointing to each object and assigning each object the next number name until each object has been counted once. Moreover, with this DIY, your child is developing hand-eye coordination, fine motor control and advancing spatial awareness skills.


AGE 3Y +. Always supervise your child. You can see this post on Instagram HERE.


“Tell me and will I forget. Teach me and I will remember. INVOLVE me and I will learn!”

Benjamin Franklin.

Trust me, children learn BEST when they are engaged in what they are doing! So, to teach them RATIONAL COUNTING, offer them to TOUCH each manipulative as they coun ALOUD, matching each cardinal number to the corresponding numeral! That’s 1:1 correspondence in a nutshell! We want a child to match a set of objects to its corresponding numeral and recognize that a number is a symbol we use to represent quantity! Young children often learn “rote counting” without having an understanding of 1:1 correspondence! Children might count till ten just like a heart-learned poem! (That is they memorize the numerical order without really understanding what each quantity means.) To lean RATIONAL counting, they need to learn to associate quantity to numeral! How? PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!

I hope you enjoyed FIREWORKS COUNTING Kids DIY!

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Happy 4th of July!

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